Rclone on termux - Turn your android phone into a media server

i have created a short wiki how to use your cellphone as media server.

please check it out.
if you have any questions, comments or suggested changes to the wiki, please post here and i will respond.


Nice one :slight_smile: I edited it to make the links clickable.

I :heart: termux - so nice for phone automation!


about the wiki, it main page is basically blank.
a user has to hunt to find topics,
"See the links to the right for the pages of useful content!"
and the links to the right show only a subset of posts.

is there a way to display them on the main page, like most wikis.
or to organize them in some way?
is that is possible, if so, i could try to do that.

also, the wiki is not very friendly to create a wiki.

  1. no preview.
  2. no way to paste an image.
    is there a way to tweak that?

That would be great! It really needs someone to make the first page into more of a directory of what pages are available.

If you click on the edit icon


It should take you to a edit page which has preview and you can upload images - that is how I edit wiki pages


You make links to other pages like this


well, i do not want to make a mess of the current wiki,
can you setup a wiki 2.0 page and i can work on that.
if and when it is ready, after user feedback then
perhaps, perchance maybe, we can turn that into the main wiki page.

You could fork it. Kind of.

Why don't you just create a new page "Proposed Front Page" or something like that then we can copy and paste it into the real front page when you are done.

How many staff and interns do you use to create and maintain the rclone wiki? 25? 30?

:slight_smile: I have a unknown number of very skilled volunteers who love writing docs and correcting my spelling mistakes!


I recently came across this project which helps generate sidebars for the Github Wiki, which could help with making the wiki a bit easier to navigate.


Nice one - thank you!

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in the past, it was possible to use google play to install termux.
now the recommend way is to use f-droid.

so i have updated my wiki


if you have any questions about rclone on termux, please let me know.

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