ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

@geekcroft oh yes, @dtech4you Account was closed and he has 30 days to get all his files…

I understand. I have a server hosted over seas, but only have 3TB of bandwidth, and 2TB of storage. my 10TB of data wont fit :wink:

Oh well, back to the drawing board. GSuite it is for now at least. I’m very much hoping rclone hasnt been banned. I’d just finally gotten my Plex server working with it nicely.

@Julz2k @dtech4you was banned for an unrelated incident - not because of the current 429 error.

All said and done it’s always been said to have a backup of your cloud elsewhere - its not hard/expensive to sync with something like GDrive/GSuite.


I know but why would I care about ACD after removing Rclone and setting a virtual limit for example 60TB and then just come up with some bs about violating TOS rules, not even letting you have access on your data. He had to complain and hope for a resolution so he can access his files.
I stored 160TB on microsofts onedrive and I had half a year to back up all my data.

What is expensive is having more than one “unlimited” cloud to sync with…

@Kedryn Between eBay Gsuite accounts, legitimate gSuites (£10/month for unlimited) and ACD @ £55/year its surely still cheap compared to having local direct attached storage?

@Julz2k Also given that most of the higher usage users are using it for things like Plex, I dont think we can really complain…

What is expensive is the time to deal with all that, configuration, bandwidth, errors, switching to another tool or provider, deal with limitations about rates or API calls, deal with account suspensions, and so on.

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So buy a NAS, and stop complaining.


@SR-G So build a 100Tb NAS @ home and skip all that.

@webreaper Exactly :slight_smile: I’d guess the majority of rclone/acd_cli users are mounting it on Linux for Plex access… it’s kind of like complaining about being able to get something for free via a loophole then having said hole closed on you. Suck it up I say :slight_smile:

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I have a 14TB NAS, what i’m missing is bandwidth… at home the max i can get is an ADSL 10/1

when i will register on gsuite he ask me for a domain…what did you type in?

But i already have a NAS,

I was trying ACD in order a) to have an online backup and b) maybe at some point in the future to switch to online hostage rather than local storage. But indeed, it’s maybe too early for that.

so pay for a Netflix, HBO or iLoveShows account

@SR-G If you are using one of the certified apps (from Amazon Marketplace) you can still use ACD. It’s only the more indie apps such as acd_cli and rclone which are not guarenteed to work all the time.

@Berzerk90er its asking you to purchase a domain - what it is called is entirely up to you.

@Kedryn I too have 10/1. Aside from sharing my media outside of my LAN its more than sufficient to fill 14Tb of disks :slight_smile:

My nas is already out of storage space so i decided to have an online vps with ACD to be able to store more media and to use them when i’m not at home. Going to vps+ACD+Gdrive+sync (multicloud or others) is going to be costly

Why not delete some stuff then? Or get a bigger NAS? :wink:


@geekcroft i’ve filled my nas too, and no, Netflix is not an option. In my country the Netflix catalogue is poor, and i love Anime (i have many TB of them) that you cant find on any of the Netflix alike services.

because of Digital Diogenes Syndrome :-p


@webreaper why so negative? I payed for it and you can’t compare US right to German or EU right. Amazon tried to block you from accessing your bought digital content and failed with it.
And I’m not using Amazon for “illegal” content and streaming with plex.