ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

@webreaper /r/DataHoarder is leaking I suppose :wink:

@Kedryn I still stand by that upgrading your NAS will be more expensive than paying for a few Cloud accounts and keeping them synced. Hell I saw a Gsuites account for less than £4 on eBay before. 10 of them would be cheaper than 1 large SATA drive in the UK. And I get it, Plex > Netflix - however we can hardly moan that Amazon may or may not be blocking us from using their product in a way it was not designed to use. I am sure if you only ever used the official app to backup with they would have less issues.

@Julz2k Has your ACD account been closed?

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I’m not being negative. Just find it amusing when people complain about stuff so much when it’s so easy to fix.

Amazon have no obligation either generally or via their T&Cs to support something like rclone. So we just have to accept what they provide. They’re not blocking you from accessing your content at all, just restricting the apps you can use to do so.


No my account is still fine and it rather stays like this I’m spending more than 100k a year on Amazon.

100k? What currency?

So swap to one of Amazon’s approved apps to access your data…

Are you guys currently still having this issue or am I only one?

No, everyone is still out in the cold I believe.

@geekcroft li have access to my data with windows, but i need it with linux too

I noticed this last night, got the same error message but didn’t think anything of it, when I login looks like everything is there but the “0 B Used” storage is still displayed. good thing I choose to use acd and g-suite just in case one of them decided to re-nag on the unlimited storage…

Technically you could use the Web Interface to download it…

Failing that then you will need to access from a Windows (or OSX) box as I don’t think Amazon has any Linux apps on its Marketplace/Approved list.

Odd, I can see everything on the web interface (and CloudHQ is also seeing it and syncing it)

CloudHQ is an approved app. rclone is not (as far as I know) - At least not for the purposes of this conversation.


Until @ncw gets an answer we just have to wait - but I suspect after the whole acd_cli thing that Amazon may just want to not allow projects/apps like this access

I’ve seen that on another thread here. Wich may be can help some of you

If that is the case, it’s a sad move for us Linux users. We don’t really have any other options. rclone and acd_cli were our only real choices.

Agreed. Although maybe Amazon will add Linux support to their official app, or one of their “official” partners will.

IF Rclone has been blocked/banned then it’s been a glorious ride with ACD if nothing else. I always figured it would come to an end one day and that’s fine by me :slight_smile:

Also for Synology users (which is a kind of linux) because Synology’s CloudSync ACD integration is so poor as to be unusable.

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@webreaper Their Windows App was also shocking last time I used it.

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It’s painfully slow unfortunately

I just got off the phone with Amazon Support (Germany) and they confirmed that they deactivated rclone.

The person I talked to couldn’t give me any reason as to why they did this.