So amazon finally banned me completely

so called about a week ago heard nothing back after they forwarded to the tech team.
and now the guy who answered is giving me a refund for the drive and said to open another one… think ill just order a few more gdrives from ebay… lol

goodbye 54TB XD

But your Files are Not lost?! Because He write that you can Download all Files within the next 30 days

lol without the use of rclone it might as well be lost no way i am gonna download 56Tb to my home pc XD but i have 3 backups on gdrives so i am good XD

And why have been banned ?

Have you uploaded that number of files very quickly ?

Why do you Not Download with netdrive Ort acd_cli Ort acddokan? But when you have a Backup all is fine :slight_smile:

But why have you banned?

maybe try

they say i exceeded the normal useage policy to many times. i asked them how is one to know what normal use is if they do not tell us what it is they have no answer for what exactly normal is. just that that word is in the ToS which is uter bs they need to say what the limits are out front or not block people one or the other. the ToS is to vague when comes to what a normal user would use. that being said i do understand that i am way beyond a normal cloud user, and am costing them money by using over what a normal user would. so i am not gonna cry over this. was great/ish while it lasted but google i think will last a bit longer as people have been using them for a long time now. acd is kinda still new.

fact i pulled to much off their servers cost them money with BW