[RESOLVED] All of a sudden googleapi Error 429

Mine works sometimes takes about 4-5 mins for something to start or just times out.

yeah cant upload, although i randomly did get 1 file to stick. playback is a little longer to start. but not by much really. streams are buffering randomly as well on higher bitrate files.

I have two Hetzner servers that do post processing (migrating from one to the other), and 3 clients in the US and Australia

Hetzner servers are both down. All 3 clients in the US and AU are fine.

Here Hetzner DE dedicated server... also 429 trouble.

Reckon we might be seeing the end of Hetzner servers and Google Drive

It's not only Hetzner, I'm also having the same problems with my home server.

Google console Webinterface realy slow. My Upload works. But another mount generates errors

Pretty sure it's not Hetzner specific, seeing problems from my home connection, Hetzner and another server elsewhere

Hopefully it's not targetted at Hetzner. Interesting that I'm not having any issues in USA and AU

No outages listed with Google. So if there's an error - we might have it for a while

Getting hit with 429's with tpslimit at 1 (FeralHosting)

Errors are spread even across all types of requests except drive.files.get

Google Drive Stream seems to be uneffected (noticed it used api space with out client ID)

I don't think it is only hetzner related, I have 3 servers in EU, all of them are having the same problem, and only of them is hetzner

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I got the 429 error when trying to upload from US from an account free from the 429 error as well.

Is it possible that what has been limited is my API key? That might explain my error when trying to upload from US.

Don’t think its specific to only Hetzner nor done by Google itself. If Google is going to crack down in the Gdrive unlimited hoarders its by sending out mails to everyone who has 1 account and is above 1TB storage, let them choose to upgrade or adhere to the rules set in the TOS.

Like someone said in the reddit thread; only 10% of all problems are going on any status page (not only at Google, everyone does it) as most are low key like this one.

Just checked my monitoring console and I see a couple of users playing media which come from gdrive, no complaints still so I’ll just wait until its fixed.

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I've the same issue: EU, Hetzner :-S

Same issue, Germany, bytesized
It is not a box provider issue it is definitely google's

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Definitely not only Hetzner, I experiencing the same issues on my dedicated server in France (online.net) and on my cable line at home (Germany)....

Could be a mixed problem with Google and the providers and/or internet exchanges, maybe some weird DNS or routing issues or some kind of DDoS protection at one of those possible point of failures.

I think waiting is our only hope, I'm pretty sure the IT guys at Google, some of them are probably using rclone themselves lol, are aware of that issue :smiley:

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Having the same issue with Starto.
From Germany, too.

I'm also in Europe, go figure. I'm hoping this gets sorted out soon then, since it's affecting my legitimate non-Plex accounts too. This has been ongoing for around 12 hours now:

Created new credentials and reauthorised. No luck

Users that are having issues - do you have a single user GSuite with more than 1TB in it?

Wonder if this is Google applying the 1TB limit?

Although my account still says unlimited storage:

I doubt it's a limit. If it is, it's strange that it's not being applied to the US too. Thanks for testing out reauthorising, I was going to do that haha.