Rclone Move vs Copy+Delete after frew days manually


I'd basically like to know how "safe" rclone move is.

I use Rclone for my Plex Libary and I'm just concerned that I could end up with corrupted files.
Is Rclone Move doing some sort of checks before deleting the local files? It isn't really explained in the docs.

I'm just curious if I'd rather use rclone copy for that.

Any insight is appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

A move does a copy than deletes it.
A copy just copies.

I personally just use a move as I'm not that concerned. Can't say I've ever had corrupt transfers.

Rclone move does the checks rclone copy does before deleting the local file. After transfer it checks size and checksum (if possible).

Checksums are checked even if using crypt provided the backend supports them (see overview table)

yes, rclone can safely move files provided there are no bugs, which does happen, as with all software.
if you make a mistake with the rclone command, you could lose all your files forever!
if you do not have a backup of the files, it is good to be paranoid.

sure move is nice that it is one command.
but in this case do three separate commands.

  1. copy
  2. check
  3. delete



also, you can do a trial run using these two flags:
"Do a trial run with no permanent changes. Use this to see what rclone would do without actually doing it. Useful when setting up the sync command which deletes files in the destination"
"Log all of rclone’s output to FILE"

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