GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too

I know. You'd think you get the point at this stage.

Again, the point has sailed over your head. There have been many posts over the years where people ask what is the current status and currently, it's fine to have 1 user and get unlimited storage. That is the current state.

Many posts and users confirming what the actual status now as for years, GSuite had 'required' 5 users and isn't about being 'legal' or 'illegal' as I don't think you get what those terms mean.

Good luck.

Below the copy\paste from a chat with the support.

sonus.faber: Daniela... keep in mind the space I need.... 8 TB
Google Workspace Support, Daniela Vera Clarissa: Business Standard only provides 1TB of Drive storage if you have 1-4 users on your account. And it will only activate the "unlimited Drive storage" if you have 5 users and above
Google Workspace Support, Daniela Vera Clarissa: I definitely understand
Google Workspace Support, Daniela Vera Clarissa: With legacy G Suite editions, there's no cap regarding the unlimited Drive storage.
Google Workspace Support, Daniela Vera Clarissa: Unfortunately, this will be deprecated soon. That's why we'll need to transition to Google Workspace subscriptions.
sonus.faber: so... at the end of the story... what should I do to keep my 8 TB ?
Google Workspace Support, Daniela Vera Clarissa: I suggest getting an Enterprise plan, but that will be €17.30 EUR per user/month. Because Enterprise plan really is "unlimited Drive storage". However, for the pricing, I highly suggest contacting the Sales team as they offer promotions and discounts.

On dropbox when you attempt to create a business advanced plan and try to select less than 3 users.

This appears in red, "The minimum package comes with 3 licenses. You can activate your extra licenses at any time." The quoted price remains at the cost for 3 users, as you click the minus arrow to select 2 users and then 1 user. If you know of an actual way to purchase a 1 user dropbox business advanced account, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but as far as I know it's impossible.

I'm currently debating on exactly what I should do.

I'm considering a) Should I manually switch my gsuite plan to google workspace enterprise standard 1 user and pay 20$ a month (until they enforce the requirement for 5 users, then I'll swap from google to dropbox to go from 100$ to 60$)....
b) or should I do nothing and see what it looks like when google automatically transitions me in 2022? (Which may transition me to enterprise standard 1 user, or 5 users or may trigger manual employee review, who knows).
c) contact google enterprise sales (as the google support employee mentions to do in sonus.faber's post to see if they'll offer a rate better than 100$ a month, but this probably a terrible idea because involving a human being is likely to increase the chance they notice I'm only 1 user not 5.

edit: Bizarre sidenote, what's actually holding me up most today, from popping into enterprise standard manually myself, uh, I won't have to reconfigure rclone at all will I? Swapping my plan from gsuitebuiness to workspaceenterprisestandard will be seamless and require me to do nothing? Because if so I might as well try it and if it bones me, well, I can start the migration to dropbox after knowing 100% for sure I'm boned, rather than just wasting the 40$ a month without knowing for certain.

I just switched from GSuite Business to Workspace Enterprise Standard last week. It happened immediately, and there was absolutely nothing to reconfigure anywhere. The underlying services remain the same, but the name changes and the price goes up. That's it.

I would not wait, and I would not contact Google (for the exact reasons you mention in your post). It is what it is, and if that ever changes again, so be it.

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I tried to contact Google by voice. The phonebar does not allow me to get in contact with any human if I select less than 20 users for enterprise, so I went back to google suite support and they told me to select anyway the option more than 20 user, then again contacted Google Enterprise sales selecting more than 20 users.
No way.... because the operator from Google provided to me a list of sales representatives in my area (Internet providers reselling Google products).
I give up!

I have about 5TB in a GSuite Business Account. If I switch to Workspace Business standard will my data be effected? Will google delete it? I am thinking that it is likely that at worst they will just block me from uploading more but in that case I could just upgrade again to Business Enterprise Standard which most people seem to be finding unlimited for now.

If they won't delete my data then I could try that option but I'd rather not lose my files.

Also do I need to change any settings with my Rclone when I change my GSuite account to Workspace?

Like me.

No. Most probably Google wont let you write anything more and send to you a warning saying that you have 180 days to fix the space usage.

No. The storage account is the same.

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Due to the high prices of Google Workspace I've been looking at the google One plans (personal account) this is better than the google Workspace because 2 TB costs 9.99 US$ and the annual plan costs 99.99 US$. In case let's imagine that you like me need 10TB what do you do...? If you don't, you can create 4 more accounts and then sign the 2 TB plan for each one that will come out at 49.99 per month or if you prefer the annual subscription, the value would come out at 499.99.
As for rclone you could share folders between accounts or a simpler way would be to use the remote union where you would mount the 5 accounts in 1 single remote.
In the case it is cheaper than subscribing to Google One of 5 or 10 TB, if you are going to check, this is much more expensive than subscribing to 5 times the 2 TB.

I feel like you didn't read anything on this thread :frowning:

Short version per month:

Google Enterprise $20 for unlimited. Only need1 user as like Suite, the 5 isn't cared about currently.
Dropbox is $60 for advanced which is unlimited, but you have to pay the 3 user minimum. You get a discount for paying yearly.


Yepp it's working perfect! Thx m8!


Thanks for the short and sweet summary. I switched from G Suite Business to Workspace Enterprise Standard.

Yes this jump is from £9.20 to £15.30, and overall it's double what I originally paid but it's still excellent value for money.

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Just to confirm:
The change from GSuite Business to Workspace Enterprise needs to be done by end of January, right?

Edit: Nevermind guys, I think I just found the Email from Google stating the 31. January as deadline.
Need to have a look at this asap.

Thanks anyways! :slight_smile:

I have a subscription to GSuite and, like many others, I received the invitation to move to Workspace.
The email says that if the end user will not migrate to Workspace by himself, then Google will do it automatically from january 31th anticipating the event not less than 30 days before.
Now... it is January 26th and I did not received anything.

Are there other in the same condition?
What is happening?


Migration for me is now fix, for 17th May.

So now i have to switch. (but 20% discount for the first year..)

Google moved me from Gsuite to Workspaces Enterprise, have discount for 1 year. No change in service.

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After being forced to upgrade to workspace enterprise, I now have this:


Same here but does it have any effect on your storage? For me, there are still no limitations

It is sad to see that the Google WorkSpace pricing plans are quite higher than the current offerings from other cloud providers. This makes it difficult for small businesses and freelancers to use this service.

Anyone know a way to change a gsuite business account from monthly payments to annual payments

any update on it?. .