GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too


Annual/Fixed-Term Plan - Google Workspace Admin Help

This doesn't look good. If it was really unlimited, it should be showing just that, not "1699%" or whatever over quota...

you have only 1 user on your workspace account ?

Yes, otherwise it would say "x amount of TB of shared x times amount of users TB (%) used", i.e. "of shared 10 TB" with two users. Even with five users it would still say 25 TB, and not unlimited or something similar.

Perhaps a dumb and late question, but what is your conclusion here? My Workspace storage overview shows 291% used but I'm still able to create files and directories. I only have one user (myself) and a Google Workspace Enterprise Standard subscription.
What will happen to the 5Tb limitation and my data that exceeds the limit?

At this time, nobody knows other than Google themselves. And it doesn't look like they've made a final decision yet.

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and what about your team drives under workspace is also limited to 5TB?

New Workspace Enterprise Standard User here.

It seems that google is enforcing the 5TB Limit now...

I was able to upload 6.3 TB to Gdrive , but now i get this error : googleapi: Error 403: The user's Drive storage quota has been exceeded., storageQuotaExceeded

Can anyone confirm or does someone know if there is a workaround?

Do you know about 750GB upload limit per 24h for one user account?
Maybe you hit that limit?

Nope, i cant upload for 3 days i tried multiple service accounts and even via webinterface. None of that works