GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too

according to google answers, ( no:

Is there a user minimum or maximum for Google Workspace Enterprise editions?
No. There is no minimum or maximum. You can purchase Enterprise editions for any number of users.

What edition of Workspace Enterprise did you bought?
EDIT: I created a Google Workspace Business Standard, and for what i see, is the same as the GSuite for Business, i will keep it for a month, if after the month I give him he doesn't take out the unlimited space, it can be said that no one will lose the unlimited space that GSuite for Business offers.

Business Standard: limited GDrive, unlimited TDrive
Enterprise Standard: unlimited GDrive, unlimited TDrive

Well google says different :

Google Workspace Enterprise Plus will also allow for additional Gmail integration with other Google products, certain third-party archiving tools, and third-party OAuth applications. Customers that have 5 or more End Users will receive a total amount of Google Drive storage equal to 5TB times the number of End Users, with more storage available at Google's discretion upon reasonable request to Google.

Well, it seems it was a bit different a few days ago on the pricing page and upgrading from GSuite to Workspace.
I upgraded from GSuite Business Standard to Entreprise Standard and, for now, it seems I have an unlimited GDrive (many TBs actually and I didn't get any notice about it yet).

Keep us informed, because in my drive i keep all my important things, and if i am forced to download it i don't know where to put it T_T

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Have you guys also received a similar Email?

I am currently still on GSuite Business and from what I understand I will have to move until 10th November.

Enterprise Standard seems to be the way to go, no need for Enterprise Plus, correct?

That's for the Google Groups' changes..

So, it's unrelated?
Sorry, misunderstood it then!

Anyway, thank you for clarification. :slight_smile:

Yes, it's Google normally announces changes to products within Google via email like that. It's not related to the overall GSuite/Workplace changes.

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Google Workspace Enterprise Plus have (real) unlimited storage? Is possible to buy?

I saw, that some of you already upgraded their plans from the former "GSuite Business".
May i ask why you did that as it seems that there is no change for us "old" users and maybe there wont be a change at all at any time.
I thought about upgrading as well, only out of the reason being on the "safe" site and i thought maybe they changing the price model again and i may be forced anytime to upgrade to an unlimited plan with an even higher cost.

The email states

"These changes will not impact your current contract, and your existing G Suite licenses and related services will continue to function as they do today, until it’s time to transition. See details below."

And in the details below

"If you’re not ready to transition now, the Google Workspace team will be sharing additional information over the coming months to identify a transition path that best suits your needs."

So it sounds like everyone will be forced to upgrade at some point. I'm thinking of doing a contact support to have it on record that I will keep my unlimited drive space before completing the upgrade. I worry if I wait until they force the transition then it may cost more.

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i am not sure what you are saying with your "unlimited drive space" beacuse as far as i understand you have a 1-account gsuite business, like me, and that is not a unlimited plan on our contract paper.

to which plan would you upgrade then?
i think that those new 1TB and 2TB plans are not unlimited anymore and one would need to go at least with the enterprise standard plan to keep the unlimited state.

actually the informations on the google workspace page are pretty annoying.
here its written clearly that workspace enterprise has unlimited storage:

on this new gdrive workspace site its written that on the enterprise ans business plans its unlimited storage if you have 5 or more users:

and here on the ToS

is an entry for " G Suite Business" (that should be our current plan right now or am i wrong?)
""G Suite Business" is an edition of Google Workspace comprised of all the Google Workspace Services, except Google Voice. Customers that have 5 or more End Users will receive unlimited Google Drive storage."

and for the Enterprise, likle written before:
""Google Workspace Enterprise Standard" is an edition of Google Workspace ... Customers that have 5 or more End Users will receive a total amount of Google Drive storage equal to 5TB times the number of End Users, with more storage available at Google's discretion upon reasonable request to Google."

I have 5 users on my account so I meet the terms for Gsuite unlimited.

For what i see, if you choose the "Business Standard", they didn't put in the box the "if more 5 users unlimited storage" like the old plans of GSuite, but i can be wrong, and Friday said if you have 5 or more users, if you have 5 users will acquire 1TB each.

The enterprise standard plan would be a great deal for unlimited storage without having to worry about Google one day enforcing a storage limit policy.

Hopefully the specialists around this forum will keep us posted on the subject !

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