GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too

Hello, still have unlimited storage, still wait and see how do they deal with existing users :slight_smile:

Well, there are (way too many) definitions of unlimited, in the case of Enterprise it's 5TB/user with more storage available at Google's discretion upon reasonable request to Google.

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For sure, the google drive storage page gives me the following information:
"Your account at ...... can use unlimited storage!"

Btw, I agree and still waiting for the unlimited definition!

On the upside looks like dropbox moved to 1 billion API hits per month which was my challenge before as it was just a low number.

I've been testing out dropbox (again). Transfer speeds seem great, at least on my gig connection at home. mediainfo on various files is a slightly slower on DB, but streaming startup and playing is almost as good as with gdrive - starts within 3 seconds or so, using the same settings for the mount. According to the billing page at DB, I have 1TB up there and have used 0% of the 1billion API hits, so that's reassuring.

It's weird because I started my account after the announcement and saw that business with unlimited still. I am currently on that free trial for 30 days so hopefully that gets me into that unlimited plan.

Otherwise I guess enterprise standard isn't so bad if the "5tb with more at request" isn't enforced

This looks its time to start searching for alternative :(. For now only dropbox buissines seems viable as replacement. Bad move google, not only because of unlimited gdrive is not in any plan but also they cut down a lot of features and data region also.

Google Workspace Business Standard.

This is how it'll be, probably at least as long as Gsuite is still around (it's literally the same picture and text).

Bought Enterprise with unlimited . Works fine .

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how you bought Workspace "Enterprise" Plan?

Upgraded my current plan via admin console


You can upgrade to if you had a GSuite plan.

go it!
Thanks @Aerya and @Morphy

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Enterprise standard or plus? What's the cost it just lists contact sales doesn't it?

I upgraded to standard , not plus. .

Aprox 133,5 DKR in euro aprox 17.88

did the same here

you can upgrade via admin console

Plz mate, read :wink: Said you can upgrade if you had a GSuite plan. If not, then... you can't. You gotta go for a Business Standard, you'll have an unlimited Team Drive (not on Starter, as seen on

is the minimum user count for enterprise also 2 like with gsuite? Or can I delete one user to just pay once?

Based on what i'm doing, seems not (atm).