Dropbox Unlimited Plan - Looking for other Persons

Is no one else concerned that pooling all of your storage needs along with other heavy users of these 'unlimited' plans might lead to you getting your accounts suspended pretty quickly.

no risk no fun xD btw 1 slot left only encrypted pm me

Hi, I'm looking to start a plan, europe, the cost would be 20eur/month(240yr) if paid annually and 24eur if paid monthly, obviously everyone in the group has to vote if one or the other, the plan should start 20th of may but can start before if at least 2 others are ready, DM me

If there is an open slot with someone,I'd be interested. Looking long-term based in Ireland .

Iā€™m still having one open. DM

Would have took but think your NA based ...looking for slot in Europe for data store region.

Edit: Done for now

im in, send me a DM


1 spot available in EU

If there's a spot available, please send me a DM :slightly_smiling_face:

send me a DM, im interested

Hi, EU spot available dm me

Sent you a dm m8

Eu Spot available for sub 50tb User
18 euros per months
DM me

Open spot in my Dropbox Business Advance Account. A whole license. $30/month. DM me to join
*Encryption required. External filesharing disabled.

Looking for slot in EU. Please DM if there's a slot. Everything's encrypted from my end and minimal API usage.

Slot available. Paying $30/month. Must be encrypted. DM if interested.

slot free 30ā‚¬/month must encrypted pm me

I have a free place also 26ā‚¬/month PM me

I'd like to join in on a yearly plan.
EU user, about 50-75TB