Dropbox Unlimited Plan - Looking for other Persons

Let me know if anyone wants to join

Looking for dropbox spot, EU user, all encrypted.

Hi, I'm also interested if possible.
I need to move around 80tb
is there a slot available?
sorry for my English.

I on the same boat with google enforcing the 5 user for unlimited.
However I am reluctant to join a group with users I don't know.
How do you guys make this work? Is it solely on blind trust ?

In my case (I'm the admin), you talk a little bit, and if the person encrypt the data, we're cool. At the admin level you can disable external sharing&co, so you're fine.

Now, If I were the one joining a group and not being the owner, I would be scared that the admin stop the subscription, or delete all the data for the sack of it. But, since he's getting paid, it limits the risk.

@Rootax - any spare spots?

I join the request

No more spot left :confused:

Now, if I want to add another licence, here is the cost :


255.66 for one year, in one go. I think you can find a better deal (like a monthly sub when someone still has a slot available in the 3 licence pool). But if you can't find anything else, send me a pm.

I have 2 spots. EU users only, and data needs to be encrypted with rclone. Msg me.

Hey I'm interested. 22TB data currently encrypted on Google that needs migration. Based in Ireland. DM me.

Looking for a spot, if available. Thank you

I'm looking for a spot if one's available. DM me

I am also willing to join the group if possible, thank you.
Maybe easier to create an organization and have interested people join.

Well, I guess I could also give up on that really.

Are there still spots available? if anyone got spot please DM me

I would be willing to admin a pool, but it would have to be paid every 6 months or something. Otherwise the admin has to chase $30 every month from a bunch of people. Also, that would leave the admin on the hook for users that don't pay for a given month. If you do 6 month renewal then the admin can collect payment during month 5 and has time to find a replacement if someone drops out.

Send me a message if you are interested.

Also, does the price go up if you add more than 3 users?

Also, the price does not go up for other users for 3+ users, it stays the same per user. So 5 user would be $24 *5 = $120/month

@Cookie-Monster have you found a spot yet? I think the $24/month is when paid annually. I can pay my slot annually if there are 2 others who can as well.

Hi! I just created this morning an Business Advance account and already have fresh 100TB to start. Storage will be increasing upon request. Looking for 2 others willing to join my team. Monthly or Anually payment, it's up to you.
*external file sharing is disabled and file encrypt is required to any media content that may upload ...

DM if interested. Only serious inquiry.

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does anyone still have an open slot for dropbox? iā€™d love to join. I currently have 150tb encfs-encrypted files on gdrive and dropbox seems like the best solution.

thanks for your help.

Is no one else concerned that pooling all of your storage needs along with other heavy users of these 'unlimited' plans might lead to you getting your accounts suspended pretty quickly.