Dropbox Unlimited Plan - Looking for other Persons

Hello everyone,
currently i am looking for a group of at least 2 or 3 other people to share a dropbox advance account.
Just for everyone who does not know: Dropbox Advanced gives unlimited storage to their accounts but you need at least 3+ paid accounts.
Price per Account is 15€/20USD + tax if paid in advance for 1 year.
so i am either searching for an existing group i could join or for people to create a new group.
As their is only monthly or yearly payment for the whole group i would only search for people who are joining at least for 1 year, otherwise the prices are higher for everyone.

Everyone will have their own account and own data and everyone can use for example rclone by themselfs to crypt their data.

feel free to write me :slight_smile:

I am in it. I am seeking something like this.

so we are 3 persons now, everyone else who is interested joining the unlimited dropbox plan can just write me a PM directly or response here