Dropbox Unlimited Plan - Looking for other Persons

Hello everyone,
currently i am looking for a group of at least 2 or 3 other people to share a dropbox advance account.
Just for everyone who does not know: Dropbox Advanced gives unlimited storage to their accounts but you need at least 3+ paid accounts.
Price per Account is 15€/20USD + tax if paid in advance for 1 year.
so i am either searching for an existing group i could join or for people to create a new group.
As their is only monthly or yearly payment for the whole group i would only search for people who are joining at least for 1 year, otherwise the prices are higher for everyone.

Everyone will have their own account and own data and everyone can use for example rclone by themselfs to crypt their data.

feel free to write me :slight_smile:

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I am in it. I am seeking something like this.

so we are 3 persons now, everyone else who is interested joining the unlimited dropbox plan can just write me a PM directly or response here

I am searching for a group of 3 again who like to share a dropbox team account.
Anyone interested?

PS: i got my gdrive buisness for 10€ till now and finally got an email that they will start to transfer the accounts to enterprise standard starting mid of may ;D
Now its time to switch to dropbox :-/

Yes, I am also interested in getting Dropbox Unlimited plan. I have been using the free version of Dropbox for years now, and it is one of the best file-sharing services you can use. However, now I am interested in getting an unlimited plan. Joining your group seems like a cost-efficient approach. So, what do you think?

I am interested in running or sharing dropbox with others but I am also interested in knowing what happened to your original group of 3.

Hey man, i still have 2 slots open for dropbox business advanced with unlimited storage. If you are interested, let me know

Sent DM to discuss.

Hi! I'm interested in using too.

Color me interested, been looking for someone to post something like this on here and reddit.

Would be keen as well.

Right now there is one Slot remaining.

If anyone is interested, just DM me!

Price is 30€ per Month.


How do you manage the more storage requests? I understand they can only be done by the admin and the total storage is shared between all the accounts

Hi ,

I check the space every day and request additional storage in time before running out of space

Hello Guys,

I still have one slot in my Dropbox Business Available .

If anyone is interested, just hit me up with a DM and then we can Discuss all the Details.

Price is 30 € per Month as mentioned above.
For someone who is willing to Pay upfront for multiple Months we can discuss about a better Price .

Hi Thunder
I am interested, let's talk (not sure how to DM here)

I sent you a DM. Just click on your Username in the top right corner , there you should see my message

30€ is not sharing, its a ripoff.
Price is around 15€ directly with dropbox, makes no sense to me to pay twice the original price.

at first one of the 3 didnt respond anymore, and then i took a new google workspace plan and was to busy searching for people again.
If we are at least 3-4 people now, i would go for it finally and would really share the costs, not like thunder.
send me a PM if you are interested

Thats bullshit.

The cheapest price is 18 € plus taxes. Only if you pay for one year upfront. If you pay monthly the cheapest possibility is 26€ with taxes.

So i charge 4 euros for the administration and for the risk that i have to pay without anyone participating