Dropbox Unlimited Plan - Looking for other Persons

i am interested.

hi, i am interested.

looking for a spot. EU 150tb encrypted.

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I have 1 free slot on dropbox and data needs to be encrypted with rclone. Right now it's 200 TB, I need about 100 TB myself, we'll just add more as needed :slight_smile: 30eur/month Msg me.

Why does encryption matter?

I have 26tib un encrypted in gdrive, and i never share outside, and all my files were forced in, i.e never "cloned" (server side transfer false)

Dropbox is known for checking if some copyrighted material is stored, shared or not. + If you don't encrypt, the team admin can see all your files.

Just jumped over to dropbox got 2 slot open AU$44/month, must encrypted, PM me if interested

If we're talking about your own personal account, it really depends on what you have stored there and if you're okay with other people being able to see your content. If there's anything on there you consider private or might be copyrighted, it's highly advisable to use encryption. Both Google and Dropbox perform scans to detect copyrighted material and if they detect any, they can ban your account without warning. If you're sharing storage with others, they'll likely ban all of it, that's why the use of encryption is usually mandated in that case.

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Im looking for a slot, if someone have it, please, dm

EU Dropbox Advanced User with 2 slots for 25€ per month open. Looking for people in EU. Files must encrypted with rclone. External filesharing disabled.

DM me interested.

3 People asked now. If some are not longer interested, i will post a free Slot again.

sorry for late response i got a slot elsewhere.

Still have one slot free AUD$36.3/month (~USD$25.50/month) folders and files must encrypted, PM me if interested.

Would be glad to join !
Eu User : 50TB encrypted to migrate from Gdrive!

Do you know if servers are country based or if there is some geofence?
Would be great to get it from the lowest country!

I believe you can access the drives from anywhere, as for setting up the account you are geo-locked, could use a VPN or something but them payment methods lead back to your county.

Still have one slot open AUD$36.3/month, if you want it give us a PM.

Hi, also looking for a spot. EU location.
Migrating little less than 60TB from Goo*le.
All encrypted and used only as rclone mount for Plex.
PM me

EU spot available, should be below 50TB encrypted

Hi mate,

Any spaces going on this? My google drive is now read only due to the changes so looking to get onto dropbox

I am also looking for a spot. EU location. Total needed is currently about 40TB, possibly up to 50TB in the future.
Feel free to contact me if you have a spot available with the possibility of monthly payment.
And if you are maybe willing to explain me the rclone thing because I have never worked with it.