ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

You should invest in MultCloud because I’m sure they’re going to get a bunch of business now! Thanks for the recommendation dude, it’s counting my files now.

Multicloud isnt the only one out there - CloudHQ does sync too.

I have accounts on both, CloudHQ was doing about 100Gb an Hour for me. Just testing Multicloud now (though I do prefer the Multicloud interface).

Hopefully it will be faster than 100gb/hour :slight_smile:

I am seeing ~25GB/hr for MultCloud. Meh.

That sucks. I’ll let you know what I see when it starts copying.

Just wanted to jump in here and say I’ve just paid for the MultCloud account to try transfer my files out, but I’m currently only getting 3.6MB/s (13GB/h) transfer speed with the paid version, so it’s a solution but it’s not going too fast for me at least. If you have a gigabit connected windows PC it’s probably best to try to use that instead, or maybe other similar services mentioned here.

I think I am going to do something clever with my 5 1TB Office365 accounts…

Trying CloudHQ now too.

Not sounding good for Multicloud.

I suspect both will have fast/slow periods.

Does anyone know if is reliable to host about 10TB of material and mount a disk on linux?

google has been at the game for a bit longer after all.

Yeah, AWS is only 11 years old :slight_smile:

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I’ve find one alternative before migrate all data from ACD to other cloud :
Linux server running docker windows server for mounting acd crypt (with NetDrive, Expandrive, or other) share this new remote with your host and you just need to configure rclone crypt for use this mount point.

I’ve got try and it’s work well

Sorry my english it’s not realy fluent.

Can any1 give a short help howto mount the crypted rclone stuff which was downloaded on the local disk ?

comments on opendrive indicate the download speed is unuseable for streaming. I wouldn’t try them.

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hello :slight_smile: i’m interested by the docker solution. Do you have a guide or something explaining how to do it ? and do you think it could work with encfs.

Excepted that you can’t run a windows container in a docker daemon hosted on a linux server (as containers are sharing the same kernel than the host !).

What you may want is just a linux server with a virtual machine running windows (virtualbox, and so on) and a shared folder between the two.

Hello, I’ve just tried this with netdrive and it failed badly as rclone kept printing I/O errors, did you use any special options?

If I move all the encrypted files to another cloud storage supported by rclone (thinking of backblaze and gdrive) and I set the remote with the same rclone config will the data be read without problems or is there something else I should look out for?

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im new to docker, you have a link to do this?

for this time i’ve testing with windows host to redhat machine, I’ll see to do the reverse