ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

Just in the process of trying to get my data off using either Amazon’s own app (which makes a mess of syncing) or NetDrive (which is having a hell of a time getting a login from Amazon), I was already on the verge of throwing in the towel with Amazon anyway as cloud drive has been an unreliable mess, once all this is over I’ll be glad to be rid of it.

So here I am left in a state where I’ve uploaded data to Amazon’s service with a previously authorized application and can no longer access it because (presumably, perhaps the reports are wrong) they’ve disabled access. Maybe this is temporary, maybe not.

I’m one of those folks that doesn’t violate the TOS for this thing in any way. No excessive use of storage (even though “unlimited” in quotes just means limited).

I use Linux and am now without a way to usefully access my data. The webui is not very good. Thinking through options for regaining access, even if temporarily…

Hypothetically, one could extract the OAUTH keys from an other authorized application and embed them in their own copy of rclone, I think? Barring that, I guess it is off to mechanize or some similar web-scraping tool to use the webui programmatically. Both of these options suck, and I’m open to other ideas.

Either way, not communicating this to users is extremely poor form from Amazon. There aren’t enough users here to result in a huge outcry, which means they are unlikely to address the issue meaningfully. Cool.

Yeah, this sucks. I have been seeing 429 all day. Any suggestions where else I can store 4TB?

I’m moving my backups to Backblaze B2. Cheap, but not as cheap as ACD.

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On the topic of moving data currently stored on ACD to Gdrive. Do you think that it would be an option to take a cheap windows VPS (on a service like OVH) and then use a software like netdrive to move the data over ? doing it form home would just be a nightmare with my upload speed …

I am moving mine to GSuite right now. Paid MultCloud $8 to transfer it all for me. About 5% done on 7TB after running for 15 minutes.

However it does say 1 day to finish…

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I think that MultCloud transfer % is based on the number of files transferred and not the total size of data transferred.

1 day on 7Tb isn’t too bad. CloudHQ is coming in around 35 days for my 45Tb…

What was your media like? Thinking about using that for my encfs stuff. 32TB of media however.

I used OVH VPS to copy everything from ACD to Gsuite on the previous “Error 429” epsisode

I use encfs as well which is why I dreaded this migration but saw someone else mention MultiCloud and it was super easy to get started.

wich gsuite account did you use? from ebay?

Nope. I bought the $10/month one with a domain I had. Multiple people said you can ignore the 1TB limit for less than 5 users. I am going to find out when my data gets to 1TB I suppose.

I didn’t trust the ebay offer.

Apprently , under 2TB you can start without creating an account

As I said above, you can but Google may well enforce it at a later date.

I woudl suggest picking up an eBay account and syncing with it just in case

Yes you can for sure, but I have more than 2TB and wanted to just be done with it so I paid $8

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I was going to, but I just don’t trust it. Is the account under the control of someone else’s domain? If I don’t 100% own it, I am wary.

You should really be encrypting your data using EncFS or similar, at which point it doesn’t matter if some Admin selling GSuite accounts can access it - they can’t actually get any usable data.

Can they delete any of my data or cancel my account though?

Well yes - that’s why I suggested it as a backup.

Use your own GSuite product then use Multicloud to sync between that and 1/2 other GSuite accounts you buy from eBay. That way you get multiple copies of the data should Google enforce the 1Tb limit or one of the cheap eBay accounts die.

I see them for less than £4 on eBay.

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