ACD BAN/Alternatives discussion (error HTTP code 429)

As a Plex user, and developer of some of the 3rd party scripts, I’m well aware of the ACD/Linux issues. rclone solved so many issues, and I was even able to utilize it some my scripts.

At least if I move to GSuite, there is much more in the way of Linux access, and rclone still works with it. :slight_smile:

Synology apps may be able to be ported to other platforms, I’ve seen it done before. Depends on if they have an x86 package or not…

Just finished call with customer support and they told me that from today rclone will not be supported anymore.


From a business decision, I can’t really blame them. rclone users are high BW and high storage users and they don’t get the benefit of increased amazon application use (kindles/TVs/Alexa/ etc) because most of those users are plex/kodi/emby.

what did you do now?

It’s always like that with “unlimited” offers - they should never be proposed in the first place.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that rclone and acd_cli are in an area where Amazon would like to grow. A fair few people use ACD for file backup and images etc, so it would make sense to develop your own application for these kind of connections. If you control the hosting, you can control the competition.

If it’s permanently banned, my main question is whether to move to GSuite, or just get a 2TB GDrive plan. The reason I moved to ACD last year was because my storage increased to about 1.5TB, and Google either did 1TB or 10TB - and the latter was ludicrously expensive.

Tempted to go for GDrive, as most of my stuff is photos, and I’ve heard that GSuite support for GPhotos is terrible.

True but then again its kinda lame since they clearly will follow same model with all tools trying to achieve the same eg not to be trusted … really weird compared to how professional they are with aws.

The lucky thing for me was that I never payed a dime to Amazon since i was always forced to move from one account to other lol

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I dont disagree. It is lame. The customer loses.

I also had a chat with the German support but not a technician. He didn’t knew about any issue and he told me he doesn’t have access to the technician part so he can’t see if there is anything ongoing.
Seems like I was right, some ppl. here had contact to a 2nd level Support or technician aprooved replys.

RIP Rclone

GSuite integrations make it awesome. I just moved my entire network/users to it, and Apps like email; drive; keep; calendar; groups; docs etc, make the move worthwhile. Every app talks to all the other apps. The exception is Google Photos. If you change your workflow to use Drive instead of Photos, there’s no real issue. We’re using the OCR for searching all our scanned documents as well. Labels are also ubiquitous.

rclone is fine. It just won’t work with ACD. no biggy.


well yeah sry about that :smiley:

Now who can come up with a script to download files via the web app? Haha

Right, but I already have everything in Google - I already use Gmail behind a domain, and most of their other apps. Don’t really want to move all that to GSuite, which means I’ll end up having 2 google accounts…

I’ll have a look though.

Now let’s see how much time Google will work with rclone, as at least some ppl previously using ACD are about to switch to GSuite.

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Google manages their APIs and download quotas more aggressively. I doubt google will be a problem as you are fairly limited in how much you can abuse/use it.

Also, I think Google is more free about people writing apps against their APIs - kindof anyone can do it, I think. They don’t limit API keys like Amazon do (or at least not in my experience - when I wrote a GPhotos sync app I didn’t need their approval).

Plus at Google you can actually use your own tokens, so you won’t be the victim of people abusing Rclone’s tokens.

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I am really struggling now. Should I buy one of these gsuite account (official not these ebay ones) … The issue is that yes Google may not enforce the 1TB rule today but this could happen anytime and indeed it would be really stupid from Google not to do since they are selling unlimited plans only if you have a minunum of 4 users (so 32EUR per month) which, to me, is too expensive … So should I enjoy the pain of finding a way to move all my data one more time (took more than a month of full bandwidth to achieve) if only yo realise that a couple of days/month later google is enforcing the 1tb rule and I am f…d again …

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