ZFS and rclone - Failed to ls: directory not found

I found that I cannot see zfs filesystem contents and so cannot clone it. The command :

rclone ls /srv/media
2017/05/15 15:00:43 Failed to ls: directory not found. ame thing with nfs. Other directories on the ext4 seem fine. This is on ubuntu server lts 16.04.2

Is this expected behavior ?

Are they symlinks? rclone won’t see them without the -L flag.

If not then can you file an issue please. In that issue it would be useful if you could put the output of strace rclone ls /srv/media please. Could you also put the output of rclone -vv ls /srv/media too please!


No, they are just normal files and directories.

$ rclone -vv ls /srv/media > ~/rclone.vv.ls
2017/05/17 20:53:41 DEBUG : rclone: Version “v1.36” starting with parameters ["/snap/rclone/226/bin/rclone" “-vv” “ls” “/srv/media”]
2017/05/17 20:53:41 INFO : Local file system at /srv/media: Modify window is 1ns
2017/05/17 20:53:41 Failed to ls: directory not found

The strace is much longer, and pasted here


The strace has this in it lstat("/srv/media", 0xc82025c038) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) which explains it.

What happens if you stat /srv/media?

Is rclone running in a restricted environment? I noticed lots of apparmor stuff in the strace?

Ah looked at the strace again. You are running the snap version. Can you try the normal download too?


stat /srv/media
File: ‘/srv/media’
Size: 2 Blocks: 1 IO Block: 131072 directory
Device: 29h/41d Inode: 86130 Links: 2
Access: (0775/drwxrwxr-x) Uid: ( 1000/ allen) Gid: ( 1000/ allen)
Access: 2017-05-18 21:02:58.787651324 -0400
Modify: 2017-05-18 21:02:53.431585093 -0400
Change: 2017-05-18 21:02:53.431585093 -0400
Birth: -

I deleted the old and then created a new directory as a test here as well, same results

AppArmor is set to the default that comes with a vanilla ubuntu server 16.04.2 install. To test (just now) I disabled it and tried again, no change.


I can unload the module and reboot if you like. I’ll try the non-snap right now.

Using the pre-compile binary works as expected

./rclone ls /srv/media/
0 test.file

So I assume there is something at play with the snap. This happens on 16.04.2 server, and on 17.04 desktop.