Workaround 'SetModTime: 450' also for FTP?

hi guys, I have exactly that problem mentioned here:

I also know that the files are actually copied fine, but my backend system relies on the error code returned by rclone. In this situation (getting more and more daily), rclone always returns an error, so my backend thinks: "Oh shit, files are not copied, alert!!"

Can I make this ignore somehow, so that the result code is a success again? The solution mentioned here just works for SFTP, but not for FTP (I tried):

Thanks, Stefan

Do you want to send a patch for this line of code?

It needs to be fs.Debugf rather than fs.Errorf to be a bit less noisy.

Link to this forum message in the commit message.

Would this change also result in another error code? And sorry, cannot send a patch or something, I am not a developer :smiley:

It would stop that error message being printed in the log.

That error message doesn't cause a non zero return code - if you've got that it is a different cause and the end of the log will say why.

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