Why is Dropbox now a better option than Gdrives?

I still see google offering the unlimited plan, even though I don't plan on abusing it too much, why are people considering drop box over this?

It's personal choice and what's better for you. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

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I asked this because in other threads there are people who mentioned that gdrive would have been the answer until last year or some time around then. And for some unknown reason people are now more willing to spend with a group plan to obtain dropbox instead of using gdrives.

I am just curious as to see the reasons.

Whats the google unlimited plan u talking about, new workspace does not officially offers it.
If u have old g suite that its still unlimited, new options in workspace are not. There are a lot of threads about it.

Yes it does. With Enterprise plan "As much as you need ".

So if you look at the link given by @Aerya Google still indeed offers unlimited.

So do you know the reason as to why people are preferring drop over g?

At first we had Amazon. They banned rClone (we could change its ID to bypass for a time) and discontinued their unlimited plan.
Google renewed the plans a few months ago, they closed many sharedrives (EDU ones, mainly sold on EBay).
Dropbox is the new eldorado :slight_smile:

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why would people choose the edu drives tho? Becuz you still have to pay a monthly for it no cheaper than a regular unlimited account would have no?

They got EDU because they got them on EBay cheap.

What advantage .edu domains used to have? I mean a business account is like $20 for the same purpose no?

So why spend $40 for a domain when the monthly is the same? Or is it that you cannot have unlimited unless it is .edu? (before)

As I noted above, it was cheaper.

Because it was cheaper.

Oh I see, wow, people then really cutting the corners, like the great rfs,

I recently signed up for this google $20 plan - one user account and the only issue has been the well established 750 Gb per 24 hour period of uploads - I have not looked at Dropbox recently but even with enterprise their API limits would probably cause more issues with rclone?

For google I’m pretty sure you will have to specify an actual domain you own in order to use it - obviously you don’t actually have to finish the setup for gmail or anything.

Dropbox has no 24 hour upload limit and API calls are 1 billion per month (no way you could reach that alone).

The only downside of Dropbox is that when you use their API for uploads, the biggest size a chunk can have is 150MB. That means every 150MB the Dropbox servers are processing each chunk which results in slower upload rates.
I can never go beyond ~30MB/s (per upload) during uploads.

Did anyone lost their original gsuite business unlimited plan for 1user for around 10€/month? Or forced to upgrade to workspace for around the double of the price?

The only thing which makes dropbox maybe better for some people is that you have an official unlimited account with 3+ users and on google workspace the official version is starting with 5+ Users, and the 1 User thing could be changed any day and then one need to spend time again to change stuff.

In the Dropbox work plan you need at least 3 users, so 45€/60USD per month for unlimited. Do you get 3 unlimited drives then or do you need to share your drive/data with the other users?
if every person has their own credentials and own drive with a sharing option it sounds pretty good to me.

Yeah true, but there are ways to mitigate that. Shouldn't be a problem unless you are like cloning the whole rfs.

I did give them a domain and use an email with it. Pretty sweet IMO.

Lol dropbox got some low download speeds in that case.
Thus limiting how much you can write to it over a certain period of time.

They might but I don't think they would, at least if that happens we should have grace time to move our data. Over to new dropboxes groups that we can make in the future.

if i am not wrong google give free gsuite for university and school. Admin provide free edu account to students. however i think after student finish his study those account get archive or something. if you are admin of edu gsuite you can create free edu account and sell it online. 1~5USD one time payment. but your account can be remove anytime because admin can remove your account if he wish.

other hand if you are paying gsuite monthly plan you will have full control over your account. as long as you don't share copyrighted material in public you suppose to be fine even though there is copyrighted material file for personal use.

dropbox is also fine but not user friendly for data hoarder (movie/tv etc collector). few years ago i read somewhere they check md5 hash and remove files. well that does not matter you can encrypt your file using rclone. BTW its looks like dropbox unlimited plan is way more costly.