Why is Dropbox now a better option than Gdrives?

  1. Drop box plan is a lot more costly

  2. Encrypt does solve most everything, but that in turn limits accessibility outside of your own PC.

  3. I chose the plan since the shady edu is just not trustworthy enough for my purposes.

Lastly, thanks for sharing with me your ideas!

Dropbox gives unlimited storage for $20/user/month. OneDrive for business gives unlimited storage for $10/user/month.Ultimately, OneDrive is a more cost-efficient product than Dropbox in both the personal and business packages. Another way these products differ is in their security features

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can you post a link for that price?
what is the minimum number of users that are needed to get that price?

Hey thanks for sharing. I thought that drop box had a minimum number of users and then I have not heard of one drive plan information like that either.

Like asdffdsa said, would you mind linking a page?

I know Office 365 Enterprise plans offer "unlimited" space:

  1. Unlimited OneDrive storage for E3 or E5 subscriptions of five or more users. Microsoft will provide an initial 5 TB of OneDrive storage per user. Customers who want additional OneDrive storage can request it as needed by contacting Microsoft support. Subscriptions for fewer than five users receive 1 TB OneDrive storage per user. F3 plans include 2GB OneDrive storage per user.

Definitely not $10 per month. I have one of those accounts, so far with 50TB, 25TB in OneDrive and one personal SharePoint page of 25TB. I tried some time ago to request another increase but got a lot of pushback from Microsoft, since I don't need it, I didn't push further, so my guess it's really a YMMV and a lot of paperwork/pain.

Finally, Microsoft has artificial use limits based on your average usage. So if you usually don't use it much, downloading all your data is a huge pain as you will get throttled pretty quickly. Happened to me once that I needed to recover a lot of data, rclone was throttled pretty bad, but I was able to use their official client and a windows middleman machine wrapping the encryption with rclone to bypass throttling.