Why are more people not using Emby?

Seems it might get around some of the issues that Plex and GDrive are causing?

I did try emby a while back and it simply was not as good as plex. The problem for me was synching files to android for offline use. This just kept breaking. I have no idea how well they are doing right now though.

I used it for a bit and I do like it but is just isn’t as mature yet as it’s pretty new.

Scanning is different than plex as emby does a ‘ffprobe’ of every new file and then just checks the timestamps on the file in terms of rescanning.

If a folder goes away and you have to rerpobe everything which is annoying.

im using emby and it works fine (with rclone acd). mostly i use on kodi. reason i go for emby its free and opensource.

As a newbie I tried both.
I liked Emby more and have been using it since.

And it is working smooth with GDrive and ACD.

I tried both, including “premium” features, and as much as I would like to switch to Emby, plex is more feature rich.

Offline sync to every device with a plex app, the design (!) and extras are the main differences for me.

I like the deep costumization you can have with emby tough.

:stuck_out_tongue: A lot of people use Emby and Kodi but you don’t hear as much because we’re having less issues? I don’t need transcoding so I don’t use plex.

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they fixed this

i hate to be "that guy" on a forum who spouts without supporting his claim, but kodi is absolute trash