Using emby and retaining folders

from this thread Why are more people not using Emby?

If a folder goes away and you have to rerpobe everything which is annoying.

is this still the case 2 years later?

anyone using emby?

I run both Plex and Emby in tandem.

Emby doesn't have a 'trash' concept like in Plex so the if you lose your mount and a scan runs, it is somewhat problematic.

You can restore if that happens but rclone is so stable, I really never had that issue.

how would one restore it? would it completely rescan? i'm running both as well. i just found out about emby today and figuring out whether or not i want to switch to it from plex. so far it seems a lot of stuttering happening. my mount and hardware are 100% identical to yours.

I have the same performance on Emby as I do on Plex as they are both pretty much identical for me.

I'm on Linux so I take daily backups of the configuration in /var/lib/emby and if needed, I could always restore it should something really bad happen.

i guess i can backup the same directory via cron to my google drive

if you have a cron and script to do it, can you share?

I use rsnapshot as it's a bit easier for me.

You can configure it pretty much anyway.

# rsnapshot backups
12 1 * * * /usr/bin/rsnapshot daily

My config is pretty straight forward as I backup my entire / partition daily at like 2am and keep 7 days of backups.

i'll do the same, thanks

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