Who is using emby?

Hey guys

Who here is using emby? I’m so sick of the 24 hour bans and want to give it a try.

Any advice?

I’m thinking of an rclone mount, with kodi as a front end…

I am using emby without bans

I use kodi without bans.

The fprobes Emby performs doesn’t cause you any trouble? It seems this would be similar to what Plex does in that it would open the files and count as a download.

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Emby does a probe on each file in order so I’m guessing it wouldn’t be that bad. If you lose a mount though, Emby does not retain any data so it rescans every time. I gave up after restoring a few too many times with my library and just went back to Plex.

Also, plexdrive works fine without bans.

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Can confirm that plexdrive is working wonderfully.

I did my initial scan on ACD but I didn’t get ban after rescans on Gdrive.
My library is about 5TB and not encrypted.

Im wondering if this method would work and a workaround from google bans of rclone mounted for plex.

  1. When doing movie/tvshows library scan on plex (for new library scan or for adding new movie files), what if i used a plexdrive (mount) so i can getaway with api ban when metadata are being downloaded, plex analyzing files…i let all that finished on plex with plexdrive.
  2. Then return to use rclone mount when viewing/playing movies. The reason i want to use rclone is its much faster downloading/caching files than plexdrive. Plexdrive gives me few second start, while rclone plays the file right away after you click the play button.

Tdlr: Anyone have done this with plex? Use Plexdrive when scanning libraries to prevent google ban. Then revertback to rclone mount to play movies in plex. (Reason why revertingback to rclone mount when playing files is rclone plays the file right away while plexdrive has 2-5seconds delay.

What is your plexdrive mount command?