What is the cheapest way to store 600TB of data?

Would be great if it supports rclone access

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aws s3 deep glacier is $1.10 TB/month

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Right now I'd probably say dropbox.



or see


last year the answer was googledrive but they're threatening to close the loopholes required

Which is exactly what is going to happen when people keep putting 600Tb on Dropbox for $30/month.

If you assume B2's costs are the closest to costs for hot storage, then that is at least $3000/month costs to Dropbox. Breaking the rules? I don't know. But certainly ruining it for everyone

They should consider it advertising. Without nerds testing their systems robustly how will all the random sysadmins out there know what to recommend to their bosses?

Also it's 60+$ on dropbox isn't it? (Unless you ally yourself with someone else's plan)