Unlimited Cloud Storage via Dropbox and Rclone - Group Plan Open Spot - 30/m

Summary: 30/m gets you unlimited cloud storage via Dropbox - Leverage with rclone and solves all storage issues, even for most production environments

I have 2 open spots at this point on my unlimited business storage plan via dropbox. There is currently 8 of us, looking to fill the 2 licenses that are now open. I have been running this group for over a year now and things are smooth sailing. There is not data limit, quite a few members, including i, have over 100TB on our accounts. Storage as much as you need, no limit.

This is not specific to this group plan but to dropbox, it saturates my bandwidth on my Linux servers when data is in motion with rlcone mounts. The dropbox is mounted as a physical drive and works flawlessly with my needs. I use it to stream plex servers and backup my servers for business. You can use for whatever you want.

Ask any questions and i will reply, i also will be willing to let you demo the account for 2 days so you can test its use cases with rclone.


I sure would love to have that setup

@op so you mean to say it's 30$ per person if you have enough people right? I can't for example get the same deal for myself from dropbox?

And that's the reason you and some others have pooled together to act as a single organization with multiple users? Is that the only way dropbox becomes unlimited?

Yes, Dropbox unlimited requires a minimum of 3 people for business plan which gets you the unlimited. No personal plan is possible to achieve this.

And it will always be 30 bucks no matter what for you, i manage the plan and keep spots filled. That rate would not change, unless dropbox rate changes.

Isn't $20/month per user? I want a spot if it's $20/month

Am I looking at the wrong plan, it looks like there’s a minimum of 5, not 3. Can you confirm which plan I should order please?

Can i test a few days?

No, the dropbox is 25/m on the unlimited plan, and that does not include taxes and fees. That is why i charge 30.

Yes, i allow test 2 days to make sure it fits your needs.

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The business plan requires min 3 people, not quite sure where you are seeing 5. Regardless, i am offering slots into my group plan, so you would need to talk to me, not order through the site. If you are looking to do it by yourself, you need to get the business dropbox plan, which will start at 75 a month (3 users).

business for teams advanced is listed at 20$ where is it listed as 25$?

Buy - Dropbox Business


Yes, Correct. This post was for monthly payment which i charge 30/m for the 25/m plan as stated. Again, that is to cover the taxes and fees imposed. I am not in this for the money.

There is a 20/m listed there but that is not monthly as this post stated. I do have users that switch to prepaying for a full year after being with me for a month or so, which i drop it down to 25/m for them rated for the year, and buy the license upfront.

I'd love to get in on this

Wouldn't the google workspace plan have similar features for $20 per person starting with one user?

I am filled in licenses now, you were a tad late, but if you are confident your gonna stick around, i can open another spot. Let me know.

You would have to provide link but no, google has limits that dropbox does not. Daily upload limit, api requests limit (much lower), and last time i checked, google was the same boat as dropbox, you need business plan with atleast 3 people for unlimited. I see their business plan requires you to contact them, ive never went that far however.

True, some upload limits that need to be mitigated by using more accounts.

I am right now single manning unlimited with enterprise.

Right api limits, but I don't think I am going to use it up. Where can I see those information? I can't seem to find where google resides them.

I am still in trial period for gdrive, so let me do some drop box read up, best if you can list me some of the limitation / benefits.
But yeah if I decide to join your group, I will stick around for a long time.

Yeah definitely interested and would be around a long time. Looking for somewhere to store all my plex and backup data I can regularly access :+1:

Doesn’t Dropbox implement monthly limits on API calls?