What is rclone serve?


what is this for?
rclone serve http
rclone serve etherblockfswhatetveritiscalled
rclone serve sftp
it means that i can use rclone in the way, that its connect for example encrypted gdrive as normal rclone and have builded inside http server and i can dl some files through normal http?

are there compiled binaries for that?

ok i compiled it, and it works nice, but there are errors while serving files

Failed to write file: write tcp 10.x.x.x.:8080->xx.xx.x.x.x.x.x.x:54391: i/o timeout

after few megabytes

i put it on vps and tried to dl locally

There are complied downloads, see this link:

no, there is no serve branch compiled, anyway did it with gomobile

This would be wonderful if supported. This would solve the problem on android of not being able to mount the fuse FS. I can imagine this in a basic rclone app that allows us to open a service like this and keep it running in the background so we have http access to our crypted content.

Where can I get this branch that you are working on???

I see an issue for this. Are you planning on doing a pull request for this?? I hope so.