What does "0% done, 0 Bytes/s, ETA: -" in "rclone copy" mean to a file?

Just a simple question. I’m new to rclone and I started to use rclone to get my data off ACD to GDrive today by using rclone copy. My data on ACD are mostly small files since I used Arq to back up my data on my computer and it encrypted my data into small segments.

Now during transferring, I see most of the small files(they are encrypted data) have “0% done, 0 Bytes/s, ETA: -”.
Sample screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/eBhdj

Does it mean this file failed to get transferred? Will this file still be transferred? How can I know if there are some files that are not transferred after the transfer is done?


Those transfers look like they haven’t started yet or are blocked for some reason. Do they continue properly?

Hi ncw thanks for your reply and I do appreciate that you have brought us such an amazing app for cloud storage management!

Yes, they continue properly, and I don’t see any errors generated. I used these flags though “–transfers 50 --checkers 75 --stats 1s -v” following a tutorial on reddit. If they continue properly, will rclone get back to sync those files again or what should I do if they didn’t get synced?

Here’s screenshot I just made about my ssh session: https://imgur.com/GxPWeuq I think the process is going well.

Thanks a lot!


They will probably sync OK, but if not, just run the sync again and rclone will transfer any files missed. Likely rclone will do that itself though (see the –retries flag).

Oh great! Thanks a lot I will definitely try the method if there are any missing files :smiley:

Appreciate it!

Hi ncw, just need a clarification about retries flag.

The flag doc says “Retry the entire sync”, but it actually just retries the files which have errors right? My entire data on ACD is 33T with millions of small files so if it retries the entire sync starting from checking every file, that would be time-consuming I guess?

I see there are errors existed in the log now, and I guess it also passed the default 3 times retries. Will rclone still deal with them automatically at the end?

Much appreicate it!

It still has to look at all those files which can take some time, but it only transfers ones which it needs to.

At the end, rclone will retry the whole sync - that is what the retries flag does.

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Thanks again for the help! :smiley: