We've written a long, detailed rclone HOWTO

We[1] built rclone into our environment and started explicitly supporting it in 2018 but we now have a nice, easy to understand rclone HOWTO that is appropriate for ANY user of rclone, not just an rsync.net customer:

It gives an overview of how rclone is used and what the general setup flow is and then gives a long, detailed, step by step HOWTO for a sample S3 to rsync.net integration.

Again, this could be used by anyone and is not specific to rsync.net customers.

I would also like to thank @ncw for implementing the "long, complex command line options"[2] that we have also referred to in the HOWTO - it is very nice to be able to configure a remote with a specific (long) command line and skip the interactive setup:

ssh 1005@denver.rsync.net rclone config create s3remote s3 [provider AWS] [env_auth false] [s3-region us-east-1] [acl private]

Thanks again!

[1] https://rsync.net
[2] Can rclone be run solely with command line options ? (no config, no env vars) - #2 by Kunio


That is a very nice tutorial - thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


i have a rsync.net account and i think that it is a good fit for rcloners.

that webpage:

  1. shows a user how to create a remote for aws s3, but nothing about creating a rclone remote for your service. not a single example how to copy from a local file system to your service using rclone?
  2. makes no mention of this existing page
  3. makes no mention of the "Special Pricing for rclone Accounts"

rclone already has a longer and more detailed guide to create a remote for aws s3.

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