***** WARNING! So Amazon locked my account and don't want to unlock it.... Warning to all

What CPU and RAM did you have on your Google Compute instance?

I just doubled my CPU from 1 to 2 and RAM from 6 to 13GB and my upload speed went from 180MB/s to 260MB/s. :open_mouth:

all depends so acd to google i use 6cores and 7gb of ram and get about 4-5gbit/s and did not see much more when going to 8 but google to google can use full 5gbit up and down which needs all 8 cores to do that.

I’m doing ACD to Gdrive right now. Tried adding 8 cores 30GB RAM but it went back down to 190MB/s. Strange!

Edit: Playing with the command a bit, tried 110 transf 100 checkers, got 190MB/s. Went to 50 transf, 50 checkers, now 345MB/s.

yes sometimes less will allow the speed to pick up.

i have acd mounted on two separate machines permanently. it’s perfectly fine.
however, you do get banned if you add a third device. support told me that’s where they draw the line to business use.

hahha i used on like 5 and had no problems

i am sure it depends on your usage. but do heavy usage like plex scans on more than 2 machines simultaneously and you will get locked within 24 hours.

Ah that must have been my problem. Plex was scanning ACD mount for ~12 hours straight when the second server had it mounted (but not scanning).

Amazon.de may be different, but Amazon.fr accepted my non-French, European credit card and address. The servers seem to be in Europe, as I get better transfer rates than with Amazon.com.

Amazon.de accepted my hungarian mastercard with an address in Hungary. After 3 months trial the first pay was automatic and accepted without any issue or message from them. Hopefully they won’t check it until the next year, so I think I’m safe now :stuck_out_tongue:

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How much are you paying for these GCI boxes?

Nothing, it’s using the $300 free credit. I spent maybe $40 of it doing a 55TB transfer. It’s free data transfer if you put data INTO google. It costs if you send data FROM google to another provider.

The only thing that took $40 was powering the VPS for a few days.

My Google Computes where always banned after around 12TB, but i did transfer with full speed averaging 220-250MB.
At the end to transfer my 60TB lib i used 7 trials, just opening new trials and new google accounts.

That’s odd! I did 55TB within 2 days using one compute, speeds were mostly around 400-550MB/s although it dipped to 100MB/s when doing smaller files. Never got banned once.

Probably limitation on ACD side eg rclone sync acdUK acdDE

It may have been yes.

What parameters did you use acd de to drive I’m only getting like 41.714 MBytes/s at the moment 25 transfers…
@Ajki Any thoughts since you’ve done so many of these? :stuck_out_tongue:

rclone sync amazon: google-1: -v --transfers=50 --checkers 50 --stats=5s --no-update-modtime --ignore-checksum

Are you using Google Compute?

boost the transfers until you hit the limit and start with copy then once thats finished do sync.

I am yeah, thanks I’ll try that.