***** WARNING! So Amazon locked my account and don't want to unlock it.... Warning to all

No you need to have German bank/credit card account and probably address, check the link above where I posted how to get that stuff for free.

The funny part is when i switched from amazon US the amazon DE was my main account, only to be blocked at the end of trial since they did not accept my credit card … so I moved everything to Amazon UK and now back to Amazon DE :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if the fact that you have a .com account and you are not in the US if that had any impact on their ban.

Also were you uploading crypted or plain?

That sucks. Do you mind posting your upload command or script EXACTLY how you had it? Were you running the command/script from the terminal or via cron?

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44TB moved in 2 days and no ban so you might be doing something wrong bro lol

@dtech4you nice, i’m doing my 55TB transfer now using Google Compute. I guess you had no limits when doing your transfer. Fingers crossed this goes without a hitch! Maybe i’ll wait until after the weekend to go full blast mode…

For everyone here’s sake I hope so, but whatever I did, I wont be the only one to do it.

This post was just to share my experience.

OH there is a limit and i think its about 100TB./month is when they flag it but that’s why this OP has me really confused also helps knowing how to talk to amazon support the KEy is act as stupid as possible lol also do not mention media. say encrypted computer backups :wink: or several computer backups lol

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I know. i have posted similar things when a ban/block happens and how long it takes to undo it. would be cool if you could share what Copy command you used like the one i used is nohup rclone copy hide:dtech g3: --checkers 100 --transfers 110 &

I was nowhere near 100TB. Nowhere near.

I took the catch more flys with honey than vinegar approach, and didnt even get the chance to talk about what was on there. Not once did we talk about media.

Aha noted. And yeah I always act like a clueless person on the phone and my accent probably confuses the Americans who answer. I had my account locked multiple times in 24 hours because I had 2 servers mounted to my ACD but they were quick to unlock it! :wink:

I am running this command right now:

rclone copy amazon:/folder google-1:/folder -v --transfers=16 --drive-chunk-size=256M

189 MB/s for 2TB so far.

if pidof -o %PPID -x “acd2gsuite.sh”; then
exit 1
rclone copy acdencrypt: gsuiteencrypt: -v --min-age 5m --log-file=/home20/myname blah blah blah$

And then this was on a cron.

just wondering what did you say when you called?

as when i call i end up saying something along the lines of "i go to login and my drive says contact customer support so that’s what i am doing not sure why its locked up all i am doing is backing up my computer and making a backup of my backup. "

then they say something like we are so sorry for this inconvenience let me take a look then they have no log of what is going on so the might be able to unlock it if not they have to pass it up to a higher up but the first 2 lockouts the support team should be able to help you out of so if they did not you might have been extremely
unlucky or they updated policy or something else is going on

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Maybe i’m the random lucky guy that they are making an example of or something?

On a side note, anyone have a plex account I can share for $$ until I get my setup all back up and working?

i use a flock rather than pidof
so this is really strange cuz looking at your command unless you did tell rclone to use more than 4 transfers then you should have been fine… confused i say i am really confused

Nope… thats what was in the script, except my name is removed, and the full path to the log is there.

Is the script I have archived in my dropbox (I have since deleted all things amazon from my seedbox)

flock -xn /home/alcable/.bin/locks/sync1.lck -c "rclone copy edrive: hide:dtech --transfers 5 --checkers 20 &" flock -xn /home/alcable/.bin/locks/sync2.lck -c "rclone copy hide:dtech edrive2: --transfers 5 --checkers 20 &" flock -xn /home/alcable/.bin/locks/sync3.lck -c "rclone copy edrive: edrive2: --transfers 5 --checkers 20 &"

this is what my cron job calls to to sync up the other drives ill leave this here for others to take as they wish lol

They had already had it flagged as a permanent ban before I called in…

The CSRs were nice as. The tech guy on the cloud drive helpdesk was like talking to a wet sock.

they tried banning me and i got around it by talking to 3 different people within like 5 days