***** WARNING! So Amazon locked my account and don't want to unlock it.... Warning to all

Im on the phone to Amazon now.

They locked my account while I was backing it up to Google Drive.

I emailed support and they unlocked it. About an hour later it was locked again. They refuse to unlock it over email and are making me phone in.

Apparently I violated the TOS by downloading at a higher rate than average users. (basically everyone on this forum is or has done the same)

He has to discuss with his manager what he can do about it…

He just came back saying its a permanent suspension and he wont unlock it.

So, they took $60 from me about 2 weeks prior.

They are the only ones that have my files in their cloud, as they were in the process of being duplicated.

Now the files are permanently locked and flagged for deletion.

Just a heads up to everyone - DO NOT GET AN ACD ACCOUNT!!!

What was your download? I transferred like 18TB over a few days and didn’t see any issues.

It wasnt even 18tb.

The helpdesk is useless. They put you through to a supposed team leader, and he closed my account. I did get a refund. (apparently)

He wouldn’t put me through to any manager. He hid behind a statement that it was the developers that locked the account.

He kept asking if he could help further, and I kept saying that I wanted to talk to someone who could help, and he terminated the call. There was no profanity or anything used, just a firm tone that I wanted to speak to someone else.

It was Caleb that I spoke with. Disappointingly, he says there is nobody there that can help, wont give a surname or staff number. I have doubts that he is even a team leader.

Very disappointed that this is how Amazon operates. I’m going to close my seller account with them after this.


Interestingly… I got this email:

Hello (name removed),

Your Amazon Drive subscription has ended.

Unless you have additional storage such as Prime Photos, in 90 days your account will be closed and your content will be removed. You can download any content you currently have stored to your computer using Amazon Drive for desktop any time in the next 90 days.

If you qualify for a refund, it will reach your account in five to seven working days.

If you feel this has occurred in error or if you did not wish to end your subscription, you can restart at any time.

We hope to see you again. Thanks for using Amazon Drive.

So the files are still there for 90 days, and they wont even let you retrieve them…

That’s really horrible, but it sounds like , from reading your post, you can download with their web app only and not using rclone

If this is the case its going to catch a LOT of people out…

well ill tell you for sure if this is just him or all lol i am backing up mine and its 54TB and going around 3-4Gbits with 110 transfers if i get banned wont cry to much as have everything backed up 3 times

I have mine backed up too… i lost about 100gb which has already re-downloaded (luckily they banned me right at the end)

Its just BS that you can advertise unlimited, but ban for overuse, and ban without warning, and have a service that works great through the trial, but kick you off as soon as you pay.

I have transferred over 100tb from ACD to Gdrive using google cloud platform over the past week without problem. Speed maxed over 300MBs sometimes with --transfers=16 --checkers=16. Are you doing anything else with ACD at the same time when you were transferring to Gdrive? I usually doing only one thing at a time, be it uploading or downloading, and make sure not using too many different IPs.

I have a seedbox. I was downloading to the seedbox, and uploading to ACD. I was copying from ACD to GDrive.

The complaint from them was that I downloaded more than the average user. I take that to be the transfer from ACD to GDrive, but possibly what they say and what they mean is different and they are having a moan about the data transfer.

Oh well onwards and upwards. They can stick their gammy service up their ass.

They are losing a great customer, as I’m about to close my sellers account over it (I feel mistreated and I dont want my customers to be treated poorly by them as I was)

you realize i hope your not who they want paying anyone over 6TB is costing them money not making it

Oh i’m fully aware of that.

But unlimited cloud drives work on averages. I bet there are tonnes of people out there with 2-300mb in their drives as well.

Don’t advertise unlimited if you are going to have a cry about someone using it.

I have transferred much more without issue using a dedi with SYS. You mention using a seedbox. Maybe your seedbox providers IPs have been flagged.

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I dont doubt that lots of you have done more in less time etc etc etc

I’m just sharing with everyone what happened to me, and if you are wondering if ACD is for you, maybe think twice.

I recently transferred my 60TB from ACD UK to ACD DE with multiple google compute VM’s ( since google ban my VM’s after 10 to 12TB transfers that averaged 200-250MB )

What I like about ACD is when you get locked you call them and you get instantly unlocked compared to google 24h bans where you cant do shit :slight_smile:, not to mention the price where ACD is 5$ per month compared to 10$ for google.

Also at one point google may enforce the unlimited rule and require you to have 5x account eg 50$ per month, since thats what they already have in their TOS:

p.s. ACD is flaky as fuck lately.

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I wouldnt rely on this too much…

After 17 account bans and 3 threats of permanent suspension on my amazon DE and UK accounts still here and kicking :slight_smile:

Bellow are stats from my download server that is uploading to amazon only ( for sync with gdrives i use other servers )

This is from Plex machine exclusive download from amazon ( for a week i had it connected for testing with gdrive & 2, 3 days when amazon was really flaky )

And my Sync server syncing from acd to gdrive

On top of that all i used Google Compute for 10 days to move from acd UK to acd DE just a week ago, where I transferred over 100TB with average speeds of 200MB+ ( the actual library is a bit above 60TB but tons of overhead ) - during this transfers my acd UK account got banned 4 times with 1 threat that is my last unlock etc…

p.s. Dont get me wrong Amazon is flaky as fuck, but i would not drop it as one of the storage providers and once rclone have local node cashing would switch to gdrive as main connection to plex.

Dunno what to tell you… you are luckier than me!

I can tell you that i really disliked Amazon UK and Amazon US mainly as support people in most cases where outsourced Indian call center who could not really do much except read from their guide lines.

So when I had problem with UK i always call them during work hours between 9 and 11 am since there was a chance that someone from their support will answer ( and dropped the call if i heard Indian voice )

With Germans its great since due language limitation they dont hire those services and still speak english as i dont know german.

As for amazon performance ( beside those 2 days when API’s where not working at all ), 50% of time my movies start within first 10 seconds, then 40% of times it can take up to 30 seconds and then those 10% of times ( especially during CET night time ) it can take like a minute or more.

But once movie start playing there is less then 2% chance it would dropped/buffer etc… ( basing this on plexpy notification logs vs play counts ) - when amazon had api problems i could not keep my drive mounted and during that time i switched to gdrive.

Nice! My account was on Amazon US.

Do you need to be in Germany to get a German account?