"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

What is your actual upload limit?

I placed a bet with a friend - 180 days max - how long before this unlimited dropbox bonanza will end. Isn't it obvious? They just capture new customers. Some will stay some will leave. Small peak in storage will offset advertising cost.

What is the record for normal Dropbox advanced used space? Does anyone have more that 500TB and No Problems?

Don't forget that Dropbox main field is storage. It was not the case of Amazon and Google. I don't double they will do something in case of blatant abuse, but no just stop the service imo. They can't.

Dropbox's main field is making money. They are an IPO company and have to make stakeholders happy. If unlimited storage is no longer sustainable, they will simply get rid of it and leave "regular" plans.

And, as you know, given the people's recommendation to encrypt files, deduping and such is not possible, which makes it harder to keep up with the constantly growing demand for storage. People grow from 5, 10, 50 TB to... 1 PB or even more. See this excellent example here.

With that being said, I do expect Dropbox to drop their ball at some point. It isn't a question of if, but when.

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Yeah... 1PB is 50 x 20TB disks to store... without any redundancy. Even with wholesale disk prices it is USD 10k+ .... 10PB is USD 100k+ upfront cost... Now you can get it by paying less than USD 100 per month:).

What I can't accept in Google's decision is not to differentiate between people making reasonable use, with plenty of paying users in their team, and that kind of abuse.

What service is it that doesn't require 3 users? I just went to sign up for Box and they are requiring 3 users and the full year upfront. I have 150TB I need to transfer from GDrive and was paying the 20$. I don't mind paying <$100 but the upfront cost is what got me to stop and check other solutions.

It seems that Dropbox are beginning to offer a plan that only requires 1 user. Although it currently seems a bit odd as to where it is available.

From the UK if I look on the dropbox website I see an 'Advanced Plan" which claims:
'As much space as needed, once purchased • 1+ users'

I did ask chat about it yesterday, telling then I had 500TB to move from google, and this was the plan they suggested.

If I go to the sign up page I can select 1 user and the costs are:
£20.83 per user per month (this is excluding vat and if you pay annually, so £300 per year inc vat) Pay Monthly and it is £24 pm + vat (£28.80)

If I route my browser through a german proxy, and go to the sign up page then the cost is less, 18 Euro per month, but that requires 3 users.

Did you told them that you’re from the UK? :slight_smile:

Not specifically, but I did say I was only 1 user, and they still suggested the "Advanced Plan"

I just signed up for the 3 user Dropbox Business Advanced. At least i can do the monthly at $90/month. Currently setting up rclone in a VPS to start the transfer form Gdrive to Dropbox. My local server is slow from my ISP so a VPS to handle the rclone sync should speed it up from taking ~1year to a few hours/days.

I asked for 200 TB and they gave me without fail.

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At LayerOnline? Or direkt at Dropbox?

so, I guess Dropbox fixed now the pricing for the UK. Now I can see the same for advanced as for other countries, 18 GBP/user/month, as much space as neeeded, once purchased 3+ users.

I think he mean direkt at Dropbox. LayerOne is a service that i Not Trust because all Users Use one account in the Backend. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

What VPS / Dedicated Server / Seedbox are you guys using to migrate data from google drive to dropbox?
I'm using my Hetzner dedicated server which has 1 Gbps but I can't even upload faster than 350Mbps...

Anyone use Hetzner and thought about adding storage box or even a hard drive onto the server?

They seem to advertise a 16TB hard drive, which I could condense my media onto but was wondering about performance of these Hard Drives

It is one Dropbox team, you get your own account but share a pooled storage allotment.

i'm showing for the UK 3+ users required as well. can somebody else confirm as well?