"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

Would you mind elaborate a bit?
I am currently removing audio tracks from my mkv's that I do not need anymore (e.g. AC3 when TrueHD is available, commentry, DTS when DTS-HD is available, etc.) as my equipment plays everything I through at it meanwhile.

Unfortunately, doing that will cause a reupload and I run into the daily limit currently.

For sure? Can you share the specifications of your plan? I can only find that the OneDrvie for Business Plan 2 has 5 TB.

I looked them up, but don't know about them.

  • No really recent reviews
  • Shady SEO techniques for backlinks to their website
  • Their website has placeholder logo's that should represent 'clients'
  • I find online their business is in Canada, but somewhere else I fiend it's in the UK
  • Live Chat does not work for me, it keeps 'connecting' after I send a message

Don't have the best feelings by them.

Yep, with OneDrive for Bussiness plan 2 you have 5 TB by start.

After usage of approx 90% of storage you write the support (via adminpanel) for upgrade to 25 TB. There is no need to write with a human, it is an automatic license check.

After fill up of these 25 TB you can also gain an upgrade for your Teams Websitemetric. Also up to 25 TB.

50 TB in total :slight_smile:

see description here:
*Unlimited individual cloud storage for qualifying plans for subscriptions of five or more users, otherwise 1 TB/user. Microsoft will initially provide 1 TB/user of OneDrive for Business storage, which admins can increase to 5 TB/user. Request additional storage by contacting Microsoft support. Storage up to 25 TB/user is provisioned in OneDrive for Business. Beyond 25 TB, storage is provisioned as 25 TB SharePoint team sites to individual users.

Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/onedrive/compare-onedrive-plans?activetab=tab:primaryr2

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Ah, OK! Good to know. Are you facing any issues with the length of filenames? That's one of the problems with using OneDrive I had in the past.

indeed there is a limit of filename-length. Cannot say what exactly the limit ist. But my Filenames and path are short in general....

as an update I decided to migrate my unlimited grdrive to a box business account ($45 / month / 3 users / when paid up front for the year) hopefully will split it with a friend of mine.

only real limitation is 5 gb file size

I am using rclone chunk -> crypt -> mount without issue

I have used box.com with multiple clients in the past and they really do seem to honor the "unlimited" part.

only rclone issues over many years I've encountered is API throttling of calls/sec sometimes.

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also onedrive is trash please don't use it :slight_smile:

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Hi looking for a pool to join

If not to establish a new one

I've been using Dropbox Business for years now. I'm using 170TB. Seems to be working well.

The only issue I find is having to use --tpslimit 12 --tpslimit-burst 0 to avoid "too many operations" errors, and even then, sometimes I get "too_many_write_operations" errors, which usually go away at the second attempt by rclone.

The monthly cost for me is $100 for gdrive for 5 users and if I change over to dropbox it will be $103 for 3 users

I requested for my space to be increased with google so lets see. I have 110TB and I got the warning today about it exceeding the limit

this is why i don't want to pay just yet. I'm waiting to see if google will increase my space, I have 110TB. If they do increase the space then I'll cancel the trial with dropbox. the monthly cost is the same for both providers.

Did they increase your storage?

No, they refuse to increase it to more than 50tb. They say I need to add more users on top of the 5

There goes my hope of keeping workspace. Thanks for the update. Now, it would be easier to focus on migration to dropbox. I really wanted to keep my 2PB data on google as I was ready to pay for 5 users

How do we even migrate over to another provider?

rclone remote to remote transfer would work

I am using Google business standard and now moving away too.
I had around 200 TB and 9 users and most of this data was on shared drives.
3 days ago I got the banner saying I was over my limit by 1000+% and I was now only allowed to have 2TB per user / 18 TB in total. They did not give a warning and now all my users received this message too + backups stopped working till I got it back down to 18 TB. I have worked around the clock to get rid of duplicates and all data I could throw away and download it using 2 different 1 GBit connections. I also went with Dropbox for the unlimited, I have 2 accounts available (Im in Europe). I was worried about how easy I can get extra space but now I am less worried. I read that Dropbox offers a transfer tool to upload directly from Google drive, but it is only available to Personal accounts, not for Teams, sadly.
I have never encrypted my media library uploads to Google, but I will look into this for uploading to DropBox, though I did already upload a library of Audiobooks. Does this slow down your uploads and is it very cpu intensive? I would like to upload directly from my Truenas system, running on an older model Qnap with a Xeon (tvs-ec880).


So what was your experience with LayerOnline?

So, I also went that route.
But in my case support refuses to help at all, despite pointing out their marketing and having 5 licenses.
I went for the OneDrive Business Plan 2, filled that up instantly, asked support for a bump, got told that I should switch to SharePoint Online Plan 2.
Fine, just another 60€.
Still limited to 1TB in SharePoint and 5 TB in OneDrive.
Asked support and again got the copy pasted ChatGPT trashcan of a chatbot response.

Anyway, I'm stuck with SharePoint saying I'm out of storage, despite being able to keep adding files using rclone...
and now I'm sitting at 16 TB out of 1 TB maximum.
The biggest problem with this is, that the integrated M$ migration tool refuses to copy more than 1TB...
And there is no other way to move 450 TB in 50 days... due to the API limits.

Edit: Nope, just got API banned. :clap:

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