"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

What about adrive.com?

Just stumbled upon them (they seem to be typo-TLD-squatting on rsync.com), and noticed that they advertise "unlimited" storage but with somewhat vague terms (" Please contact sales@adrive.com for a competitive quote."). Their "Business 200GB / 10 Users" is $7/mo.

OTOH they offer WEBDAV, which means they should be immediately usable with rclone.

I'm creating a test account there and will report on what I find, but would be interested in hearing about other experiences with them (on the rclone forum I located only one topic from almost 5 years ago, where an issue was found and a support ticket was created (@ncw, how did that go?), so it doesn't seem to be a very popular alternative...

Well, it's a trade-off.

More reliable == more expensive

Want cheap stuff? Ok, you will get what you paid for.

Not always, in fact one can always overpay for pure crap (examples abound). And on the other extreme, I've enjoyed free and unlimited Google Drive as part of my EDU account with hardly any issues for over 13 years until last month when they managed to get it thoroughly "enshittified".

But you are right, it's indeed a "trade-off": the secret of happiness here (as in many other affairs) is searching for something in the midde, that is, not too expensive and still reliable/fast/featureful enough for one's needs.

TL;DR: your mileage may vary, buyer beware, etc. :slight_smile:

For me there are only two options

  1. Google Workspace (not unlimited anymore for new accounts)
  2. Dropbox Advanced
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Yeah... as Google Workspace is no longer viable (not unlimited anymore as you pointed, but also due to their changing the rules all the time, and a myriad of technical issues up to and including silent data corruption), more and more it seems like there's actually only one (Dropbox Advanced).

Still looking for something cheaper/faster/better, tho! :slight_smile:

You only need 1 active user, but 3 paid licenses. (For Dropbox Teams Advanced Unlimited)

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A breakdown of their(ADrive) Pricing...

Good digging!

I created an account there and immediately opened a ticket requesting a quote for 1 user and "unlimited" space, or 40TB if that's not possible; here's the reply I got:

Before we can provide a quote or facilitate a custom account, we ask that you take advantage of our 60 Day Free Trial by signing up for the ADrive 20TB / 1000 user account. This 60 Day period assists in ensuring your interest in our products and allows us a period to analyze your bandwidth usage.

So it seems their prices are not very 'firm'.

I'm not sure I want to invest the time/effort/bandwidth during 60 days just to get a quote that may well end up being impossible price-wise, so I'm still thinking on how/whether to move ahead.

One way or the other I will keep this topic posted.

To keep this forum post fluid, posting billing details of a few days of storing ~17TB, and downloading ~7TB from Storj.

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The new Google Workspace limits have resulted in my employer's unlimited plan going down to 2TB per user. I had 21TB on GD.

All of the cloud alternatives I looked at were, as others have found, either prohibitively expensive or had restrictive policies (understandably!). I found my best bet (most cost effective and no restrictions) was just to move to a bigger server. I had been using a Hetzner one with 4x2TB hard drives + the 21TB on GD. Now, for about €35 more per month than the old server, I got a similar server with 4x16TB. Since I split the server with a friend (the 21TB includes the friend's data), this is by far the cheapest option I've found. The downside is the risk of drive failure (or security risks that I'd have to deal with myself), but I've backed up the 2TB of data I wouldn't want to lose.

Not a cloud service obviously and definitely not "unlimited," but a solution that works for me.


I have used box.com with multiple clients - if you get the business plus plan that’s going to be $25/user/month and has a 3 user minimum I believe if someone wants to do the group thing.

15 Gb max file size and when they say unlimited they absolutely 100% mean it and unlike google and Dropbox they don’t scan your content.

I did the 1 user google enterprise account (with crypt) if they pull that 5 user minimum crap I might set up a master box.com account and split with others also.

A VERY important Benifit of business plus (vs the business plan) is you have unlimited free “external” users - obviously if you started going ham and giving everybody on this forum an account I think eventually some kind of fair use fine print probably kicks in. However if 5 people want to split 3 paid accounts it’s 100% doable - the “external collaborators” just won’t have admin access to the overall box account

Edit: I actually just realized this forum gets indexed by google :frowning:

Another edit, I saw this in box TOS in 8 years of working with very large accounts I have not encounterrr this (but may be an issue with smaller accounts)

b. Bandwidth

To help prevent excessive usage by any one user, Box may limit user bandwidth if it exceeds the thresholds described below.

Box monitors two different types of bandwidth:

  • Download Bandwidth for Shared Links: Files downloaded from an open access shared link (applies to the owner of the file).
    • 10GB per user per month for Individual plans
    • 2TB per user per month for Box Business plans
  • Download/upload Ingress/Egress Bandwidth: Files uploaded and downloaded (applies to the user who uploads and/or downloads the file).
    • 1TB per user per month for both Box Business and Individual plans
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Love the idea of a dedicated server, just don't like the 1gbps limit, and the fact it would be overseas (For me anyways)
I've been trying to work with a more local provider, but it's hard to get within budget.

A brief update on Dropbox Advanced.

The Advanced Plan trial is limited to 3TB. The available space is raised on request, but such option is only available after the plan has been actually purchased (i.e. paid). I went with the yearly payment because it is cheaper than monthly billed. After I was billed, I requested more space via support chat. The process is unpainful and it has immediate effect. They have added to my account the amount I have requested and invited me to request more as I need it.

As for the rep I chatted with, the reason for this adding-space-only-by-request policy is that they don't want their users with lots of allocated but unused space, which sounds reasonable to my ears.

I'm only transferring data from Drive to Dropbox, but the speed, while reasonable, is not as fast as Drive. Maybe a direct upload from HDD might match, it, but for the initial Drive-DB switch I'm using more upload threads than I initially planned in order to reach a reasonable speed.


I have slots open for the unlimited plan, send me a PM if interested!

I’m fine with monthly or long term but long term is cheaper (check Dropbox website for pricing)

I didn’t have any problem with available space so far, support is quick to accommodate data needs.

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I'm still working through the mess of dealing with my many TB of data that I downloaded from my Gdrive after my unlimited school plan ended. S3 is absolutely not a Gdrive alternative, but by putting all the big stuff that I most likely will never access into S3 Glacier Deep Archive it frees up a lot of space to put frequent access stuff elsewhere. Currently, trying Dropbox.
I've also considered Pcloud.

So I asked LayerOnline today:

Due to the policy changes on Google's side, is your unlimited storage offering still unlimited?

To which they answered:

If you purchase 5+ users for Google Enterprise then you get unlimited, or get the personal team drives from us, which already have 5+ users.

I'm thinking if it's worth to migrate there. I'm done with Jottacloud throttling me into oblivion.

I think it's worth a try, I have a question, do you share google's daily upload/download limit with the other users?

LayerOnline is certainly worth trying - Their support has been top notch.
I believe even if Google changed their policies, LayerOnline would "Make it right".

750GB Upload Limit is per user, the possibility of multiple service accounts could circumvent this.

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I used to have this.
They offer two options:
$11 is a shared drive which has a limitation of 400k item limits. Previously Google didn't count shared drive storage but now it is included in pooled storage. Hence if you lot of media files then you are going to reach shared drive limites fairly quickly.

$35.99 they give you a Enterprise Plus account which would give you unlimited storage.

I recently started my own Enterprise standard account and am sharing with few folks from this forum and Reddit. We are now at 5 users (hence we qualify for unlimited storage). All I would say is that price I am paying is lot less than options provided by Layeronlie (I can share screenshots)
DM me if interested.

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Im using one Drive for Business Plan 2 (8,40 € / mon)

25 TB User space
25 TB Teamshare

Wasy enough for me for a good price!