"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

You can always use chunker overlay and forget about files' size limits.

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Interesting......never heard of that. It it a feature of rclone or a 3rd party program?

Also, I presume that since this conversation is taking place in the rclone forum, a box storage account would be able to have a Windows drive letter mapped to it?

No idea what you mean by this.

Sorry. I currently use rclone in conjunction with WinFS to create a Windows drive letter from my Gdrive space to which I can drag and drop files like any local drive. I am not an expert in this so I don't really understand if this is rclone that makes it happen or WinFS or....

OK - now clear:)

Yes mount feature works with any remote.

probably now you use:

gdrive <-- crypt <-- mounted as E:\

with BOX it looks like this:

BOX <-- crypt <-- chunker <-- mounted as E:\

Now I am not clear! lol

I don't know what "crypt" is.

You configured your gdrive rclone setup yourself? Maybe you do not use encryption. Anyway, from your question perspective both gdrive and BOX will offer exactly the same functionality. And you will be able to mount it in Windows.

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Honestly, I can't recall exactly how I set it up. It's been running for years and now I am trying to reverse engineer it.

There has to be a better way to do what I did though. lol

In general from purely storage perspective all BOX business plans (but Starter) offer unlimited storage space.

Difference is maximum file size - but thx to chunker it is irrelevant.

Second difference is monthly API calls - something I do not think anybody understands 100% yet:)

These are early days of BOX being used by crowd here... with time we will learn more about its quirks and problems.

So I thought the Activities listed at Box | Login were API calls, they are not.

I've run the Platform report, this report shows the correct API usage. I'm at 11K uploading 60TB of data.


This is good to know - and does not look bad them - ok depends on how storage is used but if uploading 60TB generates only 11k API calls it is good sign for most.

I checked my google developer API console and I'm at 400k API calls for the last 30days. This make me think that BOX.com won't work as a google replacement for my application base.

Would suggest others do the same if they're considering box. Looks like I'm back on the dropbox route

Great info as per your usual, @Turner. Thanks!

BOX API is not the same as Google API - clearly what is missing is clear definition what API call is in both systems. maybe 1 BOX API call is the same as 1000 Google API calls? I do not know. But for sure it is not 1 to 1 comparison.

To people currently trying to reach out to me over PMs, I'm trying to reply but I'm getting a "500 error" message every time I try and hit the [Send] button, guessing it's a problem with the forum software (@ncw ?)

Have the answers saved here and will reply as soon as the forum is back to normal.

I was seduced by the appeal of live chat support. I'm now at 38TB and waiting 7days to get another 10TB. I'm worried that google's read-only mode won't tolerate me being in read-only mode for ten weeks :frowning:

TLDR: I wish I'd checked my email more often, then I could've just started all of this 4-6 weeks sooner. As not only would that have given me more 7day periods, it might've also gotten me ahead of the rush instead of behind the rush.

@Animosity022 is trying to help in fixing this, but so far I still can't send out replies to most PMs.


I don't use any of those for messaging - sorry.

I just rebuilt discourse and restarted things. Unsure if that helps. Let me know if the error remains the same and the timestamp of when you hit it and get that 500 error.

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It worked! I just tried again sending that same PM reply and it went through, no more "500 error"! :slight_smile:


From what I've read on reddit, the read-only mode is good for at least 2 years.

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