"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

Thanks to everyone who posted. So, box.com seems to be it!
But they require 3 minimum users, just like Dropbox :stuck_out_tongue:

So, does anyone here have an unused slot that I can get and pay for?
Alternatively, are other people here willing to get Box.com so we can assemble a 3-account group?
In both cases, please PM me! :slight_smile:

I’m happy with Dropbox.

  • On my gigabit line I can almost max out my download speed. Plus I travel a lot and they seem to have great speeds all over the world.
  • got 100TB at the beginning and refunded for the first payment because I didn’t get enough storage.
  • 10TB/week is plenty for my needs
  • No API limits
  • virtually no file size limits
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Hi everyone. Been reading through this great thread. I have also had a read through the setup for rclone and box but i see you guys have a lot of tweaks in there. Is there any post/guide for all those working tweaks for a simpleton such as myself. Clearly you guys are well on top of it but i'd just be lost. I can implement but I can't develop. Just need to get off workspace over the next 59 days. There are 4 of us that are in the same situation and need to move to box.

How much data do you need to move? Maybe Dropbox is better for you.

I currently have 40TB they are the same.

I have created quick Box setup info:

Thanks mate, appreciated. Can I ask how you identify your Chunker size? we would be looking at Box Business Plus.

Sending PM in a few more minutes.

so for Business you set it to 4G for example


Thanks for your report!
Speeds are good also in EU?
10TB/week are per user or per company/group of users in total?

I'm also interested in a box.com slot so if you or anyone else assemble a team I would like to pay my way in

Thanks for reaching out. I'm in touch with a couple of folks with already-established plans that are willing to let me in, so I'm considering my options. One of these options is certainly to start a new plan with 2 other people for a total of 3 accounts. You and me make 2, so now we'd need just one more person for that option.

Will send you a PM with further details.

What did you do to get 100tb at the beginning? The automatic storage increaser started me at 2tb and increased it by 3tb repeatedly until I got to 28tb, but then it just stopped. I'm about to write a support request, so if there's something specifically you said to support I'd love to hear what you said :smiley:

Edit: I did speak to support and they were happy to increase it a little bit at a time.

I think it is just timing. Early adopters had it easy. But when google leavers tsunami really started dropbox changed attitude.

Might be the same with Box as "unlimited" storage is only marketing not reality:)

Given that we all (allegedly! :slight_smile:) live in an universe where the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is in full effect ;-), after all is said and done anything and everything touting itself as "unlimited" is always exactly that: marketing, not reality.

This means anything and everything "unlimited" will eventually go bust or become limited, it's only a matter of time (and that's exactly why I maintain 2 local copies of everything on the 'cloud' so if the worst comes to worst I don't lose even a single byte -- "only" the time & effort of uploading everything to a new cloud service is lost. And I strongly recommend everyone to do the same!

That being said, my first "unlimited" experience (Amazon Drive) lasted only a couple of months -- Google drive lasted over 5 years. Here's to Box being more like Google than Amazon, and may they live long and prosper (and please not eff up with my data in the meantime :smiley: )


Yup, speeds have been good across the US, Europe, & Asia.

During the beginning of the trial I contacted support and told them that I need 130TB to migrate everything over. They gave me an auto bump, so as I got closer to reaching the storage cap, it went up by 2TB. At some point it stopped and I contacted the same person again via email and they increased it again. I told them that I need to plan ahead to be able to switch over and they were very nice and kept increasing it until at 100TB they said I just need to wait a little. A week went by and 2 friendly email reminders later I got another 10TB & after that they told me that I will be able to get 10TB/week.

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I experienced the same with dropbox. I'm fine with that. 10Tb per week is sufficient.

Hit 60TB uploaded with Box.com this morning. Things are going well.


I just looked at the box-com offerings and it seems to be able to upload even a Blu-Ray ISO (which I currently do in GSuite) you need to go with the Enterprise Plan MINIMUM due to smaller file size limits on the more reasonable plans. That means it would cost (due to the 3 user requirement) $105/month.

I am understanding that correctly or is there a more reasonable plan out there I missed? The regular business plan would work fine for me EXCEPT for the 5GB file size limit.