Unencrypt ALL files in gdrive

So I have a major problem. I am trying to set up MergerFS and to do this I can't have encryption on my files. All of my files download from my seedbox and are then uploaded to my gdrive but are encrypted. I have all of the keys, so that isn't a problem but I would like to unencrypt all of these files without downloading them back to a local machine. Is there any way to do this?

Encryption is a rclone thing so the only way to unencrypt something is to run it through rclone.

Do you just want to do away with the encryption?

Yes. I would just like to decrypt all of the files already encrypted in gdrive without downloading them.

If the goal is that, you have to download / upload them again as there is not any other way around it.

So in my example I have a an an encrypted remote called gcrypt: and my base Google Drive is GD:

So I could do something like:

rclone move gcrypt: GD:decrypted

and that would move all the encrypted files to a folder called "decrypted" in my Google Drive. You are still bound by the 750GB daily upload limit as well so you can use bwlimit and just let it run depending on the size of your data.

So can you explain how I would do this? My directories are as follows.

~/media/gdrive - Remote directory where files are transferred to
~/media/torrents - Local directory where files are downloaded to

I have around 17.5TB and don't have space on the server to download all of these files.

Sorry as I was not clear. It doesn't download anything on my command above, it does it all in memory and transfers based on your internet bandwidth so no local storage is needed.

You'd want to do it based your rclone.conf that is setup rather than anything on the direct mounts themselves. What's your rclone.conf without the keys/passwords?

17.5 TB would take 750GB per day so like 23 days.

The internet bandwidth on my seedbox is 10gbps

My rclone config has a gdrive, gcrypt, and gcache. How would I do what you are stating?

Right but the constraint would be the 750GB daily upload limit.

I can send the actual configs if needed.

If you aren't sure how to adapt my command to your setup, you'd have to post your rclone.conf without any keys or passwords in it and I can help out.

type = drive
client_id = xxx
client_secret = xxx
scope = drive
use_trash = false
chunk_size = 16M
token = xxx

type = cache
remote = gdrive:/gdrive
plex_url = xxx
plex_username = xxx
plex_password = xxx
chunk_size = 16M
info_age = 2d
chunk_total_size = 20G
db_purge = true
plex_token = xxx

type = crypt
remote = gcache:/crypt
password = xxx
password2 = xxx

Unfortunately, you have a cache setup so you'd have to make a new encrypted remote.

So make another encrypted remote with the same password:

type = crypt
remote =  gdrive:/gdrive/crypt
password = xxx
password2 = xxx

So on that name, you'd do:

rclone move gcrypt-new: gdrive:somefolder --bwlimit 8650k

That moves the data so if that is what you want to do, it'll take ~23 days. If you want to copy, just replace move with the word copy instead.

Will this make the files not show up encrypted?

I am trying to make them show up in gdrive without encryption.

Would I need to set encryption to off with .bin extension only?

The command would move the files from the encrypted folder on your Google Drive to a decrypted folder.

If you want them decrypted, that's how to do it. If you exclude something, it would still be encrypted and you'd need to use rclone to decrypt it.

So use all of the same encryption options as the original? I had standard encryption on the original for the regular and salt passwords.

Yes, everything must be exactly the same.

type = crypt
remote = gdrive:/gdrive/crypt
password = xxx
password2 = xxx

This is the new crypt. So just create a new folder in gdrive? Inside or outside the foler gdrive? Also, on the old crypt the remote was gcache:/crypt.

The command will create the folder:

rclone move gcrypt-new: gdrive:somefolder --bwlimit 8650k

Just make if you want to move them use move. If just want to copy, replace move with copy.

Replace the somefolder with the folder you want to use and rclone will create it.

Okay. Can I do the command on daemon instead of local? I am ssh'd into my seedbox and my internet's not working right and keeps going out.