Unable to move file on Yandex Disk, falls back to download-upload-delete

Did serverside file moves on Yandex Disk and found constant downloads and uploads to local server.

Asked for help from Yandex Disk technical support, and they did not find current problems with their API.

Looked through the rclone log and did not find the place where POST method is applied to move files (according to Yandex Disk REST API).

Probable rclone bug?

FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p2 amd64
rclone v1.43

  • os/arch: freebsd/amd64
  • go version: go1.11

Here is rclone log

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If you look at the optional features table you can see server side copy hasn’t been implemented for Yandex.

Can you please make a new issue on github about this with a link to the Yandex docs about the API?

Maybe you’d like to implement it? It shouldn’t be too difficult?

…server side copy hasn’t been implemented for Yandex.

Seems I was lost in translation and misunderstood features table :confused:
Anyway I’ll follow your advice and open issue on github. To keep this topic consistent here is the link to Yandex.Disk API page.

Maybe you’d like to implement it?

I’d be happy to take part in rclone development, but my coding experience ended in the mid-nineties. I think thorough testing would be my best contribution to the project.

P.S. Yandex began public testing of its cloud service, and Object Storage supports HTTP API Amazon S3 (translated Yandex.Cloud page ).

The first step is making the issue. If you do that with that link, then we can find someone to work on it!

I think this is probably the correct page in the docs: https://tech.yandex.com/disk/api/reference/copy-docpage/

Github issue #2586 submitted.
Thank you, @ncw

P.S. Will it be correct to change this topic label from bug to feature?

Issue resolved in Rclone v1.45 - 2018-11-24
Great job @ncw!

I’m very happy with the new Yandex backend. I can’t take the credit though, it was entirely @buengese :smiley: