Unable to access ACD on multiple servers

Hey everyone! This is something that is new for me. I have two different servers with different providers that I am no longer able to browse my ACD mounts. GDrive mounts are still working on both.

Server 1: rclone version: v1.35-157-g05d7238β
Server 2: rclone version v1.36

I am still able to mount and unmount but once mounted I can either not get into the directory at all or can get into the root but can not get into any of the folders. This has been happening for 3 days now.

Any suggestions or ideas?

might be related to this?

Look at the thread below this on 429 errors. Lots of people having the issue. Looks to be on Amazon’s side.

Well then I will stop banging my head against the wall chasing this down. Thanks.

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