Testing new cloud storage service (Aruba drive)

Hi, I recently found out about the new service Aruba drive that seems to offer unlimited space even at the lowest tier, the only limitation I have seen is max 50gb per file. I have read about script and WebDAV limitation too, anyway I’m here to ask how can I do a good test of performances and limitations of their servers and ultimately how and if it works with rclone.
I have 2 test machines:
central Italy- 1gbps/300mbps up/down
North Germany 100mbps/30-40mbps up/down (I hope their server will be faster)

Other than testing down and up speeds what other can I test to report here?

The price seems too good to be true 60€/yr (1st is 50%) for unlimited space a personal domain of choice, 5 mails; this is the base tier

I checked in Italy google drive was limited at 700mbps down/up at least that was the case for me and the test was done when I had 2.5gbps down and 700mbps up, I don’t know if those speeds are global or not.

I would like to know if it works with rclone too. I already asked it here but seems no one have tried it so far Does rclone support new Aruba Drive?

The offer they have at the moment seems very good tho

Hi, I tried the basics and the middle plan, both of them can’t be connected with rclone using WebDAV, as stated in the limitations, the speed of upload and download is quite bad, the support told me that speeds are in “best effort” what I’ve seen download is in average 8-20MB/s, upload is similar if not slower, the nextcloud app works quite good, the thing is I wanted to use it for media and it is not possible, since nextcloud works in a way that you have to download the entirety of the file to open it, but you can make a “folder” or something similar on pc using the nextcloud app, for a backup with no limits is quite good or for some documents, I will try to refund the plans, better using sync.com if I remember correctly they offer unlimited space for 10€/month, I will go with Dropbox if google will start to enforce their new policy on me too

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thanks for the feedback, i wanted to use it for media too :frowning:

anyway sync.com is 360$ per year to get unlimited, while Dropbox like 700+$ per year. Why would you prefer Dropbox over sync.com?

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