Does rclone support new Aruba Drive?

Hi everyone, Aruba just came out with a new service. It claims to be unlimited and it's also very cheap. Aruba Drive spazio illimitato per archiviare e condividere file | Hosting Aruba

The easy plan starts a 50€/year while the Professional is 100€/year. Both have a 50% discount at the moment.

The Professional plan includes "Synchronization with nextcloud" feature. Do you know if thanks to this i will able to use it with rclone?

About easy plan, in the other hand, i don't think it will have APIs.

What do you think about this new service?

Aruba support the s3 interface and so does nextcloud so maybe it is just using that?

Aruba Drive is a new service. I'm not sure but it could be different from Aruba object cloud storage (which is s3) Prices and Configuration - Object Storage |

But Aruba Drive Professional seems to support nextcloud, so maybe it's fine :thinking:

I have spoken with Aruba support and they said that WEBDAV is not permitted. Because of that I'm not sure if will it work with rclone.

I plan to test 50€ package, because they said that is truly unlimited space and no bandwidth limits. It's good to know that there are no limitations on file number and inodes.

Their service would be perfect for secondary backup. It's reasonable cheap offer.

Yeah i wanted to try the Professional plan too.
Please let me know if you're able to configure it with rclone :')

Bad news here
Come configurare e sincronizzare l'app | Guide in the FAQ they says that WebDav is not enabled. So i don't know if we'll be able to use it with rclone somehow.

Hey @Anze, did you end up trying it by any chance? Any feedback?

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