Syncing two google drives, but total don't match

I’m syncing two google drives, but the totals don’t match.
Any recommendations for how to deal with this, other than starting again?

What rclone version are you running?
What’s the command you are using?
Why do you think they don’t match?

rclone v1.47.0

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.12.4

rclone --no-check-certificate --config=$CONFIG --bwlimit 12000 --delete-during -v --log-file="/tmp/rclone-sync1.log" sync “sf-primary:” “lr-primary:”

No idea why its not in sync, as it appears to be syncing, but about 1tb of 21tb are missing.

Is it possible to do a side by side comparison?
If I deleted a destination folder that wasn’t in sync, would it start to sync it again to match?

I mean at some point if changes are coming before the sync finishes, there is going to be a time when they are out of sync until the next sync occurs.

If you check the log, are you seeing any errors or something? Anything too personal in there that you can post it?

I’m sure there is a way to compare, but I’m not sure offhand as I would need to think about it. Perhaps someone else has a good idea for that.

Are you getting any ERROR in the sync? If so then rclone won’t delete files on the destination. If you want rclone to delete stuff even if there were errors then you need this flag, but be careful it is dangerous and can lead to data loss!

  --ignore-errors     delete even if there are I/O errors

You can use rclone check to see what is missing between the two remotes.

Thanks that was useful.

Quite a few look like this…
2019/05/01 14:11:36 ERROR : d8qu1cc9h9o797c6p88ub1d0es/7t8l8iotomh16uq0dju8qjpfoc/752iu8pg585437qi203jqb23q0/00rqj8jfcnc0tblk9dpt5hfka4rgkqs5vdcof22m5n9ptppokt8f5toc3edbdfrumfq1agprcaerpmrfahavlghv954924ko1448oqbehrc4efaslnui7hgfhm2c5f3td79vc4oenrn1dkkmrl0h4bvl5g: File not in Google drive root ‘’

A few like this…
2019/05/01 14:11:36 ERROR : d8qu1cc9h9o797c6p88ub1d0es/2jfv6soiefdrlg08ai2hhp1la9qd67lr4hq96e1fj5brso0qmgug/ls032l04q7dssiehamdpkch4i8/0s5cvhk89qnmefohteqisekca50ip7kv3cnnklnuk49fh4pk8du0: Sizes differ

And a couple look like this…
2019/05/01 14:15:40 ERROR : d8qu1cc9h9o797c6p88ub1d0es/qvr9l85okkgfbe3a3c790ghuus/sc49fgs2rh1pch7ctqgpvcme1c/l93oambigme794p4e8cfvvjvvh8qthn0u2escm2415davipmeocrutaft3ooh187sg956hvbjq97c: MD5 differ

Any recommendations on how to fix these issues?

Re-run the sync to pick up changes.

I’ve been running the sync for the last few months but it hasn’t archieved alignment by just re-running the sync.

Also had this summary…
2019/05/01 14:49:10 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘’: 80 files missing
2019/05/01 14:49:10 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘’: 99 differences found
2019/05/01 14:49:10 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘’: 1883 matching files
2019/05/01 14:49:10 Failed to check: 99 differences found

The goal would be to run a sync with -vv and we’d need to take a look at the log as just noting differences won’t help much until we can figure out why they are not being copied.

Maybe symlinks rclone can not follow ?

Unfortunately I’ve hit the API limit for today, will update you all when its working again.

Meaning amount of data transferred? I was wondering it you had logged anything else as that may provide some clues.

I’ve been running the sync, after setting up custom drive api keys (must have missed that).
I am seeing a few files like this…

2019/05/03 12:43:07 ERROR : d8qu1cc9h9o797c6p88ub1d0es/7t8l8iotomh16uq0dju8qjpfoc/752iu8pg585437qi203jqb23q0/00rqj8jfcnc0tblk9dpt5hfka4rgkqs5vdcof22m5n9ptppokt8f5toc3edbdfrumfq1agprcaerpmrfahavlghv954924ko1448oqbehrc4efaslnui7hgfhm2c5f3td79vc4oenrn1dkkmrl0h4bvl5g: Failed to copy: googleapi: Error 404: File not found: 17SK-NgvGlzQOB-vWUPaQ4QqYDplLCNQf., notFound

I should have said I’m duplicating an encrypted rclone store between two google drive account (so not moving the unencrypted contents, but the raw encrypted files.

Without a full -vv debug log, it’s really a guess as to what’s happening.

Posting a snippet of an error doesn’t do much other than confirm it didn’t find a file.

Run it with “–disable copy”. This looks like this issue:

or I think you can ‘share’ the directory with the alternate site and it should do server-side but there are further quota restrictions by doing that.

Tried it with the –disable copy but I’m still getting tons of ‘error googleapi: Error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded, rateLimitExceeded’ messages, I will leave it to run and share the logs.

I spoke too soon, it is copying files over now. Still lots of 403 errors tho.

That is most likely an entirely different issue.

Error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded, rateLimitExceeded

is different than

Error 404: File not found

They are two different things. Are you using your own client ID? If not, you should as the standard one is overused.

Yes I’ve just switched over, so not sure why I’m still seeing the rate limiter

How did you switch? Did you re-authorize rclone? you should be able to see the API hits in the google developer console. If you did not reauthorize, you are not really using the client ID.