Syncing two google drives, but total don't match

Yes it was a problem with my setup, I manually added the client IDs into the config file but didn’t set it up again. When I tried it a fresh, it threw up issues with the Authorised domains. All sorted now.

I’m currently running the sync again, but now without the 403 errors.

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Just to complete the loop, in the end the ‘–disable copy’ flag fixed the issues, the sync did complete.

On a side note, the instructions for setting up an API key are way more involved than those illustrated, I had to set it to public and paste in my domain in order for it to work, so if you’re sending people to those instructions, they could do with some updates.

I was also just pasting the keys into the config file, which wasn’t enough to get it working, in the end, I had to remove the previous config and put it all in again, once it was authorised, it worked fine.

Thanks everyone for the help.

@jtenniswood - How would you update them ? It does say to update the remote using rclone config or add a new remote using rclone config. How would you write them?

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