Storage quora for externally shared gsuite team shares

I thought I knew how this works but now I'm not sure.

If I have a qsuite account and I create a team drive that I share outside the organization to regular gmail accounts, if those external users add files to that team drive, does the storage count against the organization or those individual user's storage quota?

Figure a lot of people use gsuites here so would be an easy answer.

Do you share new teamdrive to them not just folder... if yes and if no one else use that drive, it will share against organization limit ...

I share the entire gsuite team drive to a few different regular google accounts. So then the quota should only come out of the gsuite organization, correct?

As far I know yes, each google account has it own limit let say 750G upload per day, but gsuite drive will has it own

I'm not referring to upload quota though. I'm specifically talking storage quota.

storage quota will be unlimited if your gsuit drive is also

AFAIK, The only limit on team / shared drives is:

A Team Drive can contain a maximum of 400,000 files and folders.

Although I have seen posts that contradict my experience.