Specific folder in the configuration file


Would it be possible in the configuration file to only inform a specific folder? avoiding access to the entire cloud?

client_id =
client_secret =
token = {"access_token": "XXX", "token_type": "bearer", "expiry": "0001-01-01T00: 00: 00Z"}
folder = / Doctos


I think this is the "root_folder_id = " in your config file. Look what your browser shows you on that specific folder. example if you have a folder called Doctos and you go in that folder in your browser you see that in the address bar: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/blablabla000000blablabla
so your root_folder_id = blablabla000000blablabla
so you mount on your gdrive that folder not the root folder.

Thanks for the answer.
I'm sorry I didn't inform you before, in my case I use PCloud, but this option doesn't seem to be available.

I wanted this option for ICloud and OneDrive. I believe that for OneDrive you don't have that option either!

Just make an alias remote for it:


Thanks again.

This parameter is interesting, but the main source needs to be exposed in rclone.config to work.

This way, another user will be able to access the entire cloud.

On the PC where I run my backups, another user can open the configuration file and access all folders using the main source.

type = pcloud
token = {"access_token":"XXX","token_type":"bearer","expiry":"0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"}

type = alias
remote = pcloudClients:/CLIENT01


If the cloud provider doesn't support it, not sure what rclone would do.

If the rclone.conf had a folder defined, the user can just configure another one without it and have access since the user needs to be able to read the rclone.conf file.

Can you share a folder with said user and just point to that?


Not sure as I have never used pCloud but that would work fine with Google Drive.

Animosity022, His idea was great ...

I did the following:
I created a free trial account. I shared the folder I want with this new account and created a configuration for Rclone.

The Shared folder is displayed in the test account, so I think it is possible to read and write to it.
If it works it will be an option.

I'm going to do more tests this weekend.
If all goes well, I post here to help other users with the same need.

Thanks Again!

Another detail, for developers ..

On PCloud, RClone has / root access and it is possible to start from a folder.
Each folder (has an ID, a sequence of numbers), where the root is 0 (zero).

I believe that if this sequence is entered in rclone.config it could be started from it, or even using the initial name of a specific folder.


You are right I think... Fancy working up a pull request for that?

Yes absolutely yes,
what do you need? where should i post? I did a little test in php using the PCloud API, see an image.

That would be incredible for my need! Thank you!

What you need to do is make this

into a config variable.

That should be reasonably straight forward....

Excuse me, but I don't understand ... you say put "rootID" in my rclone.config?
I had already tried it, but it didn't work.

Rclone Version: v1.51.0

type = pcloud
token = {"access_token":"xxxxx","token_type":"bearer","expiry":"0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"}
rootID = "d3602202600"

type = pcloud
token = {"access_token":"xxxxx","token_type":"bearer","expiry":"0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"}
rootID = "3602202600"

It needs some code changes. I was wondering if you wanted to work on them?

I would like it very much, but my knowledge of the language is very limited ... Would there be any possibility of putting this functionality in a future version of RClone?

This week I will resume my studies in GO. I believe that in some time I can contribute more to this wonderful project!


Can you please make a new issue on github about this. I'll write instructions on what needs to be done then you or someone else can have a go at implementing it :slight_smile:

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Ok ... today I'm going to create a post to request this resource, with more details.

Today I also created a GO environment to continue analyzing how I can help with this task.

Thank you one more time!

I already created the post ... I'm following it!

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Am I getting this message when compiling, any suggestions?

build github.com/rclone/rclone: cannot load archive/zip: malformed module path "
archive/zip": missing dot in first path element

Not sure! Can you describe what you did while building?