SFTP Allow to chose cipher?

When transferring huge files at high speed using SFTP, encryption / CPU can be a bottleneck. Ciphers provide various throughput.

In some cases (appliances...), configuration can't be forced / changed server side to use a specific cipher to optimize for throughput. Like with ssh/scp (-c option), the feature request is to allow either rclone to use system ssh config (.ssh/config, ...) to force cipher by defining Hosts, which would also provide additional benefits, or to specify ciphers in rclone configuration.

This would also fix this.

It looks like you can select both ciphers and Mac see the Config section here

Is this something you'd like to add to rclone? Happy to talk you through it.

Hi @ncw ,
Thanks for looking at it. Yes the idea would be to make these configurables as part of rclone host config section (optional).

The first thing to do would be to open a new issue on Github about this.

Do you want to implement this @DamienG ? If so I'll talk you through it on the issue.

Thank you! I will open the issue, but I never code in Go (and I don't have much dev background) :sweat_smile:

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