Set new topic to question template

when someone creates a new topic,
currently it defaults to uncategorized. whatever that is?

perhaps, perchance, maybe it should be question.

all together now,
i question
you question,
we all question why the default is not question!


I'll see if they can be done.

I don't think it's possible.

We could do the work around but first we'd need to recategorize the existing ones.

I'm in favor if it if we can manage it somehow :slight_smile:

There was this from that thread which might be appropriate?

Hmm… on my sandbox, I have allow uncategorized topics unchecked and I can’t post in that category… (as an admin, staff, or regular member)

I think we can just bulk select the existing categorized topics and just blanket assign them to the 'question' category. There are 1300 of them. and we can just do 100 at a time. Once that is done, we can disable the uncategorized....

Shall I give that a try?

EDIT: I also think we should get rid of the 'rclone' category. Its very generic. Or rename it to something more defined like 'General Discussion'

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i suggest that we 'get rid of'
bug - way too many users think their problem is a bug when it really is a question.
lounge - seems never to have been used...
uncategorized - need i explain...

I'd vote to keep bug as even suspected ones at least reduce traffic into an official triaged issue in git.
Lounge is probably not needed though. :joy:

I wonder if we're better off renaming 'Uncategorized' to 'Support'. And then migrating all the 'questions' to Support instead. Then we have a 'default' of 'Support' which is the renamed uncategorized category. :thinking:

I'm just not sure which is better. To have no default category so the user MUST pick or just lump everyone by default into support.

the top goal should be to force posters to fill out the question template.
almost all the so-called bugs are not bugs but poster's confusion.

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I'd probably rename question and just call it "Help and Support".

Should probably remove 'rclone' too.

Agree. But do you think its better to have a 'default' category of 'Help and Support'? Or do you think its better to force the user to 'select' one?

Also agree.

I think the top option would be "Help and Support" and they are forced to pick one. It's that old kid's story if you give a mouse a cookie...

have a 'default' category of 'Help and Support

haha Split votes. Let's have @ncw decide. These are the two options I see:

  1. Simply rename the question to "Help and Support" or whatever, reassign all uncategorized to that "Help and Support", and disable 'uncategorized' from being used. Then the user must select a category (btw, there isn't a way apparently to force the category sort orders according to what i've read).

  2. Rename Uncategorized to 'Help and Support'. Migrate all 'question' posts to the newly renamed 'Help and Support'. Delete Question. User will then have a default category. Ensure we move the question template to that category.


remove lounge regardless.
and possible add a 'Praise' category.

So many choices!

If uncategorized is disabled what is the UI for that? Does it select another category by default or does it force the user to select a category by giving form submit errors or similar?

So for this the user could click submit without touching the category...

I think it probably depends on the behaviour if we disable Uncategorized...

It prompts the user to pick one. The Sonarr forums are an example of this:


We'd order it up so Help and Support would be the top/first pick and they'd hit that. I believe when forced people can pick a category without too much hardship as it helps things overall :slight_smile:


Just as @Animosity022 said, the user will have to select one before hitting 'submit'.

I'm personally leaning towards just disabling the uncategorized option (#1). With this option there will be no 'default' category and the user will be prompted to select a category before they submit the question. I think its better for a user to select one as then its less 'lazy' and probably a better chance of selecting something appropriate.

That is how it looks with 'uncategorized' disabled. It makes you select a topic before it allows the box to be typed in. The caddy forum also does this.

I think this is the way to go.

Yep, let's confirm with @ncw and let's move forward.

look good, thanks