Remote Control Flags which are not listed in options/get (#2)

In line with the linked question, I am looking for an RC option that I cannot find.

I would like to set --retries and would expect the RC option to be options/set with '{ "main": { "Retries": 1 } }', but it does not exist, or a cannot find it.

Is this flag un-implemented in RC?

It does appear to be, yes!

The --retries flag is used for high level retries from the commands rclone copy etc. It isn't implemented for commands via the rc. To do the equivalent you would just run the rc command again - that is essentially what rclone does with the --retries flag.

What is your use case?

I'm not sure about adding high level retries to the rc... Maybe there could be an rc which would wrap any other rc and do retries for you - that would be quite easy.

Well, then in that case, I'm all set. I wanted to set the value to 1.

I have my own server code that is interacting with the RC, so I can call the commands as much or as little as I would like.

I do my testing using the command line tool, because the progress output is preformatted and the logging is easier to digest. Then I convert my favorite set of arguments into an RC command. In this case, I was simply looking to ensure that --retries 1 was being used within the RC.

Nice! Problem solved then :slight_smile:

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