Rcx vs rclone command behavior

Trying to figure the behavior of RCX menu commands compared to rclone command line options. In particular, does the RCX "Download" command behave like rclone "copy", skipping identical files? Does RCX "Sync" behave like rclone "sync"?

In addition I would like to suggest adding these behavior descriptions, and the rest, to the documentation.

Can you explain what RCX is?

RCX is the android app for rclone

You'd probably want to ask the developer as that's not part of rclone.

There is a link on how to help out with documentation and such and you can ask questions on the github.

Hmmm... sorry. They sent me here for support and don't seem to have any of their own. How annoying. My apologies.

For any rclone questions or how rclone works, I'm sure we can help out.

I'm not sure how that program works though as if it's using the stock stuff, I'd imagine it would operate like the normal rclone commands but I hadn't heard of it until now as I don't use Android stuff.

Perhaps someone else though that uses it might be able to chime in.

Thanks for your effort answering regardless. The problem is rclone doesn't have a "Download" command, which is the RCX option closest to "copy", and the RCX "Sync" seems to be downloading everything every time. I guess I'll have to go to the Termux rclone to get what I am looking for. I appreciate your response.

about termux, might check out my wiki

tho termux is command line, it can create icon/shortcuts on the home screen and run scripts at boot.
click the icon and it runs the script.

i use termux to sync keepass from desktop to phone and to backup andotp.

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and rclone has a webgui, can run that on termux.

Hi mappo,

Since you've mentioned it, I've also noticed that RcloneBrowser has a download option, and within that download option, they give different modes. The different modes are copy, move, and sync.

So RCX could have any of those options. Out of the three, the ones that RCX most likely has are copy and sync, because the files on the remote don't get removed when you download from the remote. I've gone ahead and tested for this by downloading the same file to the same directory twice on my Android phone and the date modified does not change. To me it seems like it's doing a copy, skipping files that already exist in the destination. If it was doing a sync, RCX would delete files that exist in the remote but not in the directory you are downloading to.

Hope this helps.

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